4.7 5 0 25 25 Keeps your clothes smelling fresh for longer! This laundry liquid now provides 21 days of freshness and will stimulate your senses with its exotic blend of Malaysian Orchid and Sandalwood. Use on all types of clothes, efficient in all water temperatures.
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Nice scent
Love this product leave my clothes not only smelling fresh and clean it kills through the stains and dirt marks..
Love it
I absolutely love this washing powder and will continue to buy it. It works really well and the fragrance is really good. I recommend :)
Way too strong a scent
Didnt like the smell of the detergent and even after changing brands again, the clothes still stank of the floral detergent as it had permiated all through the washing machine and took several dozen loads to get the smell out of the machine
I was suprise when I use this product.
This product in my experience was one of the best at a much lower price that the "top" products, like cold power, drive, dynamo, etc. I normally use Vanish Pink, with my washing and it always does the trick with a good waching powder. Therefore I conclude that it is above average for the Vanish to do its thing. I even rub a little of both on the stain. Brings out bright, amazing, results. you thought were not possible. All wives tales busted....
I love this product it leaves the clothes smelling so nice and it cleans really well
Leaves your clothes smelling like heaven even when they have been in the draws for a few days when you get them out they still smell fresh
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE fab and all their washing powders. They smell Devine, they work excellently and I always have and always will use them. Also an amazing cheap price!
Loved this detergent, it ha left my cloths smelling and feeling really clean. I also lived the fragrance
This product is amazing. It leaves my laundry smelling amazing and is super cost effective
The Fab Essential Oils Malaysain Orchi and Sandalwood smell so dreamy, I am wearing my clothes and I feel I am in paradise!
Clothes smell really very good after washing. Doesn’t harm the texture of clothes
Fab Essential Oils Malaysian Orchid and Sandalwood is absolutely beautiful leaves your clothes clean and smelling so fresh well worth trying
Fab Essential oils leaves my clothes smelling divine, I love this product.
Leaves clothes smelling gorgeous, and its a long lasting fragrance
Fab Essential Oils Malaysian Orchid and Sandalwood is sn excellent product that leaves your clothes smelling lovely after every wash.

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