4.5 5 0 8 8 G-Fresh Garden Fresh Tuscan Seasoning has been added to the range. The product is said to be of highest quality, affordable and providing value for money. It is free from gluten and MSG and described as a subtle combination of natural herbs and spices that can be sprinkled on chicken, meat or fish, before or during cooking.
G-Fresh Garden Fresh Tuscan Seasoning
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versatile seasoning
I find this one versatile -use in a Bolognese sauce, sprinkle on salmon before cooking excellent if you are making any Mediterranean sauces Well priced.
Great Taste I feel so fresh!
I don't just feel fresh. I feel G-FRESH! Such a cheeky little FRESH TIME! I filled a bathtub with this seasoning and rolled around in it. The guy giving out the samples really didn't want to be there for it but I insisted that unless I was able to try the product on the scale I would actually use it I would not buy it. Jokes on him! I didn't buy any and I never drained the tub! G-Fresh for life!
Better without
My mum insisted I buy this for our bbq Meat recently. Honestly for the added effort, it’s something I can do without as it didn’t really enhance the flavour at all. Have given away the remainder of the jar as I can’t see myself using again.
My favourite seasoning. Great on meats for the bbq and also on roast vegetables. I love it.
The Go-To seasoning
I absolutely love this blend. It’s perfect for adding a depth of flavor to any dish. It also goes great as a garnish on bakes and lasagnas as well. I would definitely recommend this product
worth buying
I have tried this spice on meat, and I have also added it to my ratatouille soup combo that I make for myself. It is a very nice addition to the many flavours I add.
Love this product
We do a lot of home cooking this Tuscan seasoning is perfect in so many different dishes from risotto to pizza
Great for spag bog.
I cook spag bog regularly and i use this spice every time, adds great flavour mixed with some fresh garlic and chilli sauce.

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