3.6 5 0 44 44 Convenient pre-sliced cheese great for school lunches or to add into your homemade meals! Now 97% fat free!
Kraft Singles 97% Fat Free
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Tasty for a Toasty
Who doesn’t use these when making a cheese toasty! So delicious and nostalgic! A childhood staple!
Not that great
This seems flavorless compared to other kraft cheese. It’s light on texture and taste. Not as nice as the regular singles. Liked the idea of the FAT FREE....but not at the expense of taste.
Not As Good As The Regular Version
It’s ok but I wouldn’t buy this one again. Bland in cheese taste and has an odd aftertaste. I don’t like it. Much prefer the original Kraft Singles because it has more flavour in comparison to this version.
tastes good despite reduced fat. love putting it into my toastie
I have tried this 97% fat free cheese plenty of times. It is very good, if you are watching your diet. I have bought it a number of times. Very nice taste.
As far as low fat cheeses go I suppose it is ok, but I really wouldn't eat it if I had the option of a cheese with more fat as it is just not quite the same.
did not taste the same, my kids asked me to buy the other cheese because this one was yukky. looks like I will buy the regular ones again
Love these kraft singles. Fat free, great on sangas, for a snack, on crackers with tomato is my favourite. Same texture as most Kraft cheese but less fat.
My husband and I like these slices on our lunch sandwiches. Good taste with out the added fat. I recommend these !
I don't mind this for packaged sliced cheese. Although this would not be my first choice it is great to have in the fridge for quick lunches as it melts nicely for toasties
YEECH My wife uses these expensive Edible plastic tasting mock cheese. Sorry these like any other sliced wrapped cheese are just plain horrible and per kilo are very pricey. You can buy low fat block cheese or use alternate cheeses IE Cottage cheese to help control weight. Sure some are bland but that's what fresh herbs and spices are for to quantify the flavour.
These cheese slices are beautiful. l have tried a few different brands but keep coming back to kraft..
Love Kraft Singles because they are so tasty and easy to use.
Greay product grest taste luv in my toasted sandwichs melt divine
So yum .. I will only eat this Cheese .. It's so light

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