4 5 0 16 16 Liddells Lactose Free Mixed Berry yoghurt has a delicious creamy texture with a succulent assortment of berries - a fantastic snack to help you get through the day!
Liddells Lactose Free Mixed Berry Yoghurt
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I'm lactose intolerant and before I was diagnosed I never really liked yoghurt, however these are probably the nicest lactose free variety I've tried yet. They don't taste too artificial or sweet like other yoghurts and are a great alternative to products with lactose or other non-dairy alternatives if you don't like the flavour. I have also tried the plain flavour which has a nice taste and consistency. They are reasonably priced compared to other lactose free products, so I will continue to buy these regularly as a snack!
A great option for my son who is lactose intolerant, but still needs calcium in his diet. I love that it tastes exactly the same as normal yoghurt too (unlike soy and coconut yoghurts which he says are yuck!)
If you like Lddells Raspberry flavoured yogurt. You will like there butter and cheese. All of there yogurt are thick and creamy.
As I have grown up on cow's milk, but have become lactose intolerant, I didn't want to substitute the taste of my yoghurts. Liddells is a great product, with delicious flavours and you still get your calcium :)
My 18 month old is dairy intolerant so i tried this product. Its creamy, thick and tastes great.
I regularly enjoy Liddells Lactose Free Yoghurt and cheese. Now my daughter and I (both lactose intolerant) can enjoy dairy. The taste is good or I would not bother.
This yoghurt is thick and delicious and I couldn`t taste any differecnce to a standard yoghurt. Certainly worth a try!
finally something that wont harm me or make me sick yummy too
love the lid dells products, just need more outlets
very tasty, feel refreshed after eating this, could eat for breakfast lunch and after dinner
Have this lactose free in the house right now. Out of the lactose free available I feel Liddels to be the best but do prefer the plain Liddels yoghurt to the berry one yet I love mixed berries.
I quite like this product. As we have a member of our family who is lactose intolerant, this has been perfect for them. I look forward to more flavours.
Have not tried as I have not seen this brand in local supermarkets in my area
My daughter is Lactose and Fructose intolerant, and the Liddells Lactose Free yoghurt, is the only yoghurt that she can eat. Occasionally she would add oats, into the yoghurt.
I love Liddells` Lactose Free Yoghurt! I can`t stomach the soy yoghurt, I really did not like the taste at all, but this tastes just like yoghurt without the Lactose. I use it all the time, in smoothies, for breakfast over muesli, on its own. I`m also a big fan of their cheese. Now if Liddells only made lactose free cream, my life would be complete.

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