2.5 5 0 38 38 New Maggi 2 Minute Noodles are a fun way to include wholegrain in your diet. These noodles taste great and are made with hidden wholegrain your kids cannot see! They are also baked not fried, which makes them 99% fat free.
Maggi 2 Minute Noodles Invisible Wholegrain
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not good
I accidentally bought those noodles and I must say I was disappointed, they didnt taste good at all
just so so
its tasteless. I didn`t really like the tomato flavour
I liked them couldn't tell the difference from the normal ones, love the fact the kids are getting more wholegrains
If you like tomato soup then this is the noodle flavor for you! Plus the wholegrain is awesome to have when it doesn't affect the flavor at all!
well I liked them. You couldn't really taste the difference in the fact they were wholegrain.
They are just like the normal ones, so it is a bonus that they are made with wholegrains
I am always wary about instant noodles as they don't provide much nutritional content, however in a spur of craving them I bought the tomato flavour and found them to have a nice subtle taste and they were much less greasier to other types of instant noodles.
Not a very nice taste. Would not recommend.
The noodles taste the same as the regular ones do, which is great. However, the tomato flavour is not the same one as they use to sell around 10 years ago! I was happy to see the flavour on the shelves again as I used to eat it all the time when I was a child, and was hoping it`d be the same classic flavour but unfortunately it is not. How disappointing!
My daughter didn`t know the difference when I gave her these. As long as they were chicken, she was happy. I`m a big fan of hidden goodness.
I couldn`t tell the difference between this and the normal one, so I guess that`s an approve.
I have to say not bad, but the noodles aren`t the best and if you put the entire powder pack in it tastes a bit too stronger/too much sugar.
I snuck this one into my fiancé`s lunch box and he`s none the wiser. They taste fantastic, the usual noodle flavour has not been compromised at all. Make the change, you will love it.
tried this wasnt the best of tastes prefer the normal noodles but kid loves it so if you can hide the wholegrain and they like it its a bonus
I liked that they have hidden wholegrain, but I didn`t really like the tomato flavour. I enjoy most of the other Maggi noodle flavour though and they are quick and simple to prepare.

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