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Maggi Original Seasoning
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This sauce is a go to in my pantry. You can literally put it on anything and it makes it have more flavour! Noodles and those dodgy special fried rices you get put a little of this in and it turns it into something spectacular!
so versitile
use this often, its a pantry staple, use in soups, stews, stir fries. Great product
Must Have!
My mum always had this is the pantry growing up and it is definitely a must have! Can be used in so many different ways to add that extra flavour to a meal
Pantry Staple
This is a pantry MUST! Can add it to almost any meal creating a delish saltiness and umami flavour to any dish or cuisine
Can't live without it
This was a staple in my parents house and now it's a staple in my house. So full of delicious flavour it's added to soups and casseroles and to adjust the flavour of many a dish. Definitely recommend
Delicious and nostalgic
My nonna always had this on her kitchen, great addition to soups and stews for extra umami flavour! Been using this Maggi seasoning since I was a kid and taste just as delicious as it did then
Umami- rich flavour
I come from a European background and Maggi sauce was a staple in our pantry.Terrific in sauces,soups,stir fries and more.A unique umami- rich soy sauce like flavour and like soy sauce you don't need a lot.
Pantry Staple
I've always got one of these in my pantry. It's so versatile in what you can put it in. Fried rice, marinades, soups, casseroles, gravies.
Always a pantry staple
This product is permanently in my pantry. It’s excellent in pasta and rice dishes. It’s a strong and delicious flavour. We love it at our house.
Family Favorite
my mum always used this in her cooking and I do the same it is so versatile and adds lots of flavor to any meal Maggie is such a well known and trusted brand and offers a variety of products
This was always on our dining table when I was growing up in Europe ,Such a full flavour versatile product
Too Good!
Well, I think I made a mistake buying this product for the first time. It's like soy sauce but so much more versatile and better. We now use it in almost everything - to dip spring rolls, in stir frys, to add a pop of flavour in all sorts of sauces, soups etc. And I wish I was kidding but my husband literally drinks it from the bottle (yes, his heart is fine, in case you're wondering, he actually needs more salt than your average person). We go through at least a bottle a week now. Not available at my local Coles, we get it from Woolworths.

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