5 5 0 20 20 Maggi Original Seasoning has been added to the range. This liquid seasoning retails in a 200ml recyclable pack.
Maggi Original Seasoning
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A must
We always have this in our pantry as my sons always ask for it and use it - just a lil bit on their chicken. dimsim, meat and their happy. I also use it with fried rice and stir-frys to add that extra flavour.
This can be used for marinades or noodles sushi its such a versatile product.
Great product
One of the best seasonings this product will turn any stir fry or fried rice into restraunt qaulity taste it's amazing very strong though only a small amount is required for full flavour highly recommend
great seasoning
This is really a great seasoning sauce doesn't take much either so really good value. I find that it is wonderful in cauliflower fried rice with a little soy sauce then a little maggi seasoning , you can't go wrong
Pantry staple!
This is such a good pantry staple to have on hand for so many different things! Its perfect in scrambled eggs, stir frys, fried rice, basically anything. It adds so much flavour! My absolute favourite is on cauliflour rice to give it more of a fried rice taste.
Always have this in my pantry
I have been a fan of this seasoning for many many years. I love it on eggs and in 2 minute noodles. It adds a flavoursome punch.
Family Fav
Everyone in my family loves this sauce. I always add it to my pumpkin soup and spaghetti bolognese and my sons love it by itself on freshly cooked pasta. This is a must in our pantry.
Move over MSG - instead have M-A-GGI
My wife picked up a bottle of maggi recently after someone at work had told her to try it on noodles and as soon as i opened up the fridge and saw it i had a nostalgia trip! Have not even thought about maggi in years although it was a staple in my house as a kid. Goes amazing in instant noodles, fried rice or as an umami booster in marinades & sauces. Honestly my favourite serving suggestion is to get some thick sausages, coook them and slice them in half and douse them with maggi! Stuff is amazing!
This sauce is a go to in my pantry. You can literally put it on anything and it makes it have more flavour! Noodles and those dodgy special fried rices you get put a little of this in and it turns it into something spectacular!
so versitile
use this often, its a pantry staple, use in soups, stews, stir fries. Great product
Must Have!
My mum always had this is the pantry growing up and it is definitely a must have! Can be used in so many different ways to add that extra flavour to a meal
Pantry Staple
This is a pantry MUST! Can add it to almost any meal creating a delish saltiness and umami flavour to any dish or cuisine
Can't live without it
This was a staple in my parents house and now it's a staple in my house. So full of delicious flavour it's added to soups and casseroles and to adjust the flavour of many a dish. Easy to open lid with a small pouring spout - as a little can go a long way with this seasoning :-) Nice glass bottle that can then be recycled. Definitely recommend
Delicious and nostalgic
My nonna always had this on her kitchen, great addition to soups and stews for extra umami flavour! Been using this Maggi seasoning since I was a kid and taste just as delicious as it did then
Umami- rich flavour
I come from a European background and Maggi sauce was a staple in our pantry.Terrific in sauces,soups,stir fries and more.A unique umami- rich soy sauce like flavour and like soy sauce you don't need a lot.

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