5 5 0 2 2 Add this creamy sauce to your dinner tonight. Contains no artificial colours or flavours.
MasterFoods Cauliflower Mac & Cheese Oven Bake Cooking Sauce
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so yummy
I used this mixed in with pasta it was so creamy and a really nice taste very enjoyable to eat I am going to buy some more and use it warmed up and poured on vegetables I think it will go well
Very nice cheese sauce
I used this on veggies but also in some homemade mac & cheese. It was perfect. I've had some cheese sauces that had a weird aftertaste but this one tastes very close to what I would expect from a cheese sauce. Maybe market it for more than just cauliflower mac & cheese! It's pretty versatile.
With cooler weather and winter vegetables on the way does this prepack flavour base compare to the old fashioned way of prepping cauliflower cheese? I'd like to find out.

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