4 5 0 59 59 Start your morning with Nestle Milo Protein Clusters. A mix of crunchy whole grain oats & wheat clusters that contain essential protein & fibre. Milo Protein Clusters provide whole grain energy to kick start your morning.
Milo Protein Clusters
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The Milo flavour is quite subtle and bland. The clusters immediately went soggy so there wasn't the crunch I enjoy from clusters. Not a fan.
Milo Protein Clusters
I enjoy the taste of Milo and decided to try the Milo Protein Clusters however I ate them dry straight from the packet. I found the Milo clusters had the taste fully throughout the clusters.
Dangerous, very dangerous. My kids ate them non-stop and there's a possibility I could just sit and munch a whole packet dry as a snack :o Awesome product, buying it whenever it's on special :)
Perfect for snacks, great taste. A bit sweet but its ok if its a snack.
I was looking forward to trying Nestle Milo Protein Clusters the clusters are very crunchy but the flavour of the milo taste doesn't stand out at all.The taste of the oats and wheat is over powering.
I felt that these were a little too sweet for my liking, but I really enjoyed the crunch and taste overall. A good alternative to the other milo cereal out there in the puffed variety. Well done!
Love this cereal, it definately wakes you up in the mornings with its crunch! Love the texture, and the flavour! It also makes a great snack! Unfortunately, the size and price of these Milo Protein Clusters are not targeted to families, which is a shame! This type of cereal is only bought when it comes out on a 'good special' and then you need to restrict how the family devours it!!!!
Yummy, yummy I love this cereal in my tummy! :) I eat it straight or with yogurt.
I love this cereal! I eat it with natural yogurt instead of milk - yum :)
We've enjoyed sprinkling Milo Protein Clusters over our yoghurt for an indulgent morning treat!
Delicious, and more hearty than regular milo cereal. Very morish!
Great as a snack or for breakfast, Great taste. Local Westfield was giving away sample bags a few weeks ago. then I had to go Woolworths and buy a bigger pack cause they are so yum, though being a larger pack still doesn't stay in pantry for long cause I keep eat them!
The perfect healthy snack for school lunches, after school snacks or anytime you need a quick energy boost. Convenient size and the great taste and quality we associate with Nestle Milo.
I sprinkle a handful over my regular healthy cereal to give it a bit more flavour. Adds a nice crunch and a bit of sweetness, but is not overly sweet.
Good flavour not too sweet. However I found it a bit too hard too crunchy

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