4.9 5 0 14 14 The creaminess of a mayonnaise. The spiciness of PERi-PERi. Tingly taste perfection. Use it as a slightly spicy dip for chips and crisps, or to give a creamy bite to sandwiches and salads.
Nando's Perinaise
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Heaven in a bottle
I love this spicy mayo so much, that i use it on everything. I have now replaced my mayo and tomato sauce with Perinaise. I love the tangy taste, the creamy consistency and love that the heat comes through,but it doesn't last.
Amazingly delicious
Love love love this stuff. I put it on everything. It is my go to when a meal I have prepared is not so exciting, a bit of this..., and amazing!
Nandos lover
Nandos is a fave in our household so this is great to have in the fridge to have with any dish. Different hot levels to choose from and isn't too badly priced either. Bottles are a good size too.
Perfect with roast chicken!
Perfect flavour, amount of spice and creamyness to serve with hot chicken and chips. I purchase this regularly.
Great alternative to plain mayo
Love the spicy bite of this sauce. It turns a bland sandwich or salad into a tasty delight. Great to use on chicken but also on anything vegetable. I use on both cold salads and on hot veges.
So glad you can buy this in the shops , perfect on a home made chicken burger 10/10 .
So happy to be able to buy Nando’s Perinaise in the shops! Delicious!
my husband loves it
someone bought Nando's Perinaise when staying with us. When they left there was half a bottle left but my husband quickly emptied the bottle. He does not like salads but with a little of this on them, he will eat them all.
Super creamy and spicy. Great in chicken and avocado sandwiches or on-top of a pizza. We buy the hot version more often. Very tasty
Spice up your life a little.
Loved by the whole family this gently spiced up mayo is never boring and extremely tasty.Fantastic on sandwiches,burgers,salads and as a dipping sauce.
Always in our fridge!
Love this!! We ALWAYS have the mild & hot in our fridge. Perfect in wraps, sandwiches, in a burger or just as a chip dip when you're looking for some extra flavor.
Great mix of flavours
Not to hot or to mild. Perfect mix of flavours. Great with hot chips or on sandwich.
Love at first taste
I love the mild spicy flavour added to the tanginess of the mayo, perfect match.
One word... Yum!
The perfect fridge-staple for Nandos addicts! I love adding the Perinaise to homemade chicken (and beef) burgers and use it as a dipping sauce. A good kick of peri peri and adds a great flavour.

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