4.3 5 0 41 41 Nanna’s Mini Salted Caramel Filled Churros are quick and easy, they come in snack size and take only 8 minutes to heat, making them the perfect treat!
Nanna's Caramel Filled Mini Churros
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A nice treat
These are defiantly a nice treat to have treat to have when your feeling like something warm and sweet! Not as nice as the ones you buy from traditional churros places but they are totally worth purchases because they are quick and easy to make!
i LOVED these!! Not only are the churros a great flavour & texture, but the caramel means you don't need a dipping sauce & they aren't as messy to eat! I will be buying these again for sure! Perfect winter dessert with a hot chocolate!
OMG YUMMY.MY, What more can i say !!! What a winning Comb. Not enough in the box. Super quick and easy.
These are pretty good! I really liked the chocolate over the caramel but both were yummy!
My family and tried them last week and couldn't get enough. I have returned to the shop and purchased another box. They are easy to prepare just heat them and enjoy. I can see this item being a regular purchase for us.
Definitely did not taste like a churro, disappointing
I would definitely recommend these only takes about 6 minutes to heat in the oven and tastes as good as the churros you buy at the Churros chain in Surfers Paradise Queensland but only half the price
I bought these for my son who loves churros.... they are bite-sized & taste pretty good for oven baked. Would buy again & recommend.
Burnt my tongue the filling was so hot inside, so beware esp if you are preparing them for children. When I let them cool down a bit the outside was a bit soggy.
I have not tryed.i didn't even know about them untill now.i love churrios.gonna whip to the supermarket to get me some to try in the morn.will let you know what I think.??
i love the centre the most so so good, but not happy about why they cost so much money.
The taste and texture is good but i find the packaging a little small.
I purchased two packets and tried one out and then I got the other one out because they were just so yummy.
Nannas Caramel filled Mini Churros are delicious, they taste so dreamy.
I bought these last week after trying in the supermarket. They were delicous with ice icream.

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