Nature's Way Activated Charcoal Cleansing Action Capsules

4.4 5 0 9 9 Combines activated charcoal in a base of apple cider vinegar and real lemon in one convenient capsule. Specially formulated to provide internal cleansing and make you feel lighter and revitalised.
Nature's Way Activated Charcoal Cleansing Action Capsules


Great cleanse
Activated charcoal tablets are a great way to detox my system. It improves my physical and mental health and I feel like I have more energy.
Amazing product After a week of use I am feeling lighter and have more energy, tablets are easy to swallow as they are coated. I would recommend this product
helps with bloating
this product helped me with bloating but apart from that not much difference
Relief from the Xmas bloat
Over Christmas I over indulged and ate too many sugary food. So was bloated and suffered with lots of flatulence. My sister gave me one of these charcoal tablets. Settle my stomach down. So bought myself a bottle. A bit expensive but gave good relief. As long as I don’t over indulge coast should not be an issue.
Nature's Way Activated Charcoal Cleansing Action Capsules
I have been taking these for a few months. No more bloating.Love that they apple cider vinegar included.Great for multiple of uses.Highly recommend as they make you great and like a new lease of life!
These little black pills of charcoal are just super magic. Highly recommend if you have bloating, wind etc. So good.
I’ve been using this product for multiple uses! Using the capsule to rid my body of toxins! Opening capsules and making facial wash! And also using on my teeth to return the white sparkle to them! This product is a staple in my cupboard! And you won’t regret it being one in yours 😍
Really good.
This is good, doesn’t stain amazing benefits for you. I would really recommend.

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