Nature's Way Restore Digestive Care Daily Probiotic

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Nature's Way Restore Digestive Care Daily Probiotic


Have tried over the past month, haven’t noticed a difference in my gut health at all.
Weve been using this for a while. I even give it to my kids. We definitely notice a difference when we stop taking it. Hard to explain but my body feels a little less comfortable and i start feeling a bit flu like. We like that its portable and we can keep by the bed. Just wish we could buy bigger packets maybe 2-3 minths at a time! TIP You do need to take for at least 1 month everyday or you wont feel benefits!
I have used many of these type of products. The Nature's Way Restore brand is one of 2 brands that I regularly buy, depending on which is on sale. It is convenient to have sitting in the cupboard or in my bag and is easy to swallow.
probiotics seems to be the thing everyone is taking at the most meant and with all the current research indicating their benefits it’s no wonder. Typically a probiotic needs to be stored in the fridge but this one can live in the cupboard or next to your handbag so you don’t forget to take it as you rush out the door.
I have been using this product for a while , great product.
I have been taking Nature's Way Restore Digestive Care Daily Probiotic for 2 weeks no noticeable benefits as yet only feel a little les bloated
Tried this product and another one and to me i could not tell much difference. They both did the same - healthy gut - except the price differance.
This product is pretty good. It's convenient because you don't have to refrigerate.
Great product to carry around and travel with, essential for keeping a healthy gut but didnt work as well as other ones I have tried.
These are good however a bit expensive to buy at full price, often on special so i buy bulk, no refirgeration is great.
good that I don't need to keep it in the fridge and as I'm on a preventative antibiotic I can keep them together so I remember to take it.
I've been using this product for a few month now and have found they make a world of difference to my tummy. I was always on the loo, for hours some days. After taking one of these at night each night for the last few months I feel it has greatly lessened my bouts of bad tummies. I don't get them as frequently as I was and the symptoms of IBS I feel have subsided some what. Worth a go if you are as fed up as I got. Only thing I will say on the negative side is I found them to be very expensive even when on special. That's the only down side.
Nature's Way Restore Digestive Care Daily Probiotic keeps me feeling well and healthy every day.
I feel this product was good as it was the first probiotic tablet I have used I cannot compare to others how ever I did feel a difference in the agitation of my stomach issues and I do feel it helped to calm the pain a little but at other times the pain was worse. Although I would recommend this brand to others as I felt better having taken these tablets.
Love that it doesn't have to be refrigerated but quite a weak probiotic and I don't feel it had any positive effect for me really.

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