4.8 5 0 69 69 No Vac is the revolutionary answer to unsavoury carpet smells. Simply spray a light foam over the carpet after vacuuming and leave to dry. Unlike conventional powders that sit on the surface, No Vac’s quick-drying foam penetrates deep into carpet fibres, instantly neutralising odours. You can see it work as it disappears into your carpet. In about 5 minutes your carpet is dry and your whole room smells naturally fresh and clean.
No Vac Carpet Sanitiser & Deodoriser
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I purchased this to spray on my carpets, but also used to rid doggy smells and it was very good.
I Love These!
I love this range, it is awesome for a quick freshener around the house and in smelly teens rooms. Oh and I use it on the carpets too. The smell hangs around for a while too. Awesome.
Great product
I use this 1-2 times a week to keep my carpets smelling fresh after vacuuming. Wonderful scent, I always use this brand
Carpet cleaner
Good fragrance and easy to handle but not very effective in cleanliness
I love this product
I vacuum our rugs daily but I like to use this product about once month to keep them smelling nice. I alternate between both fragrances and it keeps the whole house smelling great. I notice the aroma in the air when I vacuum for at least several days after.
Doesnt make me sneeze
This is the only product that smells wonderful throughout the house. And doesn't make me sneeze. Its a great product and the carpet feels softer after use. I love this product.
Love it
We have 4 cats and this gets rid of any pet smells. Love that I can use it in between vacuuming
sweet smelling
having animals in the house I like to you the pet no vac as it gets rid of pet odours
Fresh carpets
This product is great to freshen up carpets. Quick and easy to use and no hassle with having to vaccume after. Fragrant aroma lasting about a week in our busy household.

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