2 5 0 4 4 An indulgent dip blend of crab meat with a hint of chilli.
Ocean Blue Chilli Crab Chunky Seafood Dip
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So excited to see this but so disappointed when I tasted it. it tastes weird and not very nice not sure if it is the crab of which there seemed not to be much. it had a real manufactured taste. would not buy again
Deluxe dip
Price is something to consider, maybe call this a splurge purchase. Nice and chunky, decent flavour. Not very sweet in terms of flavour though, and crab meat is generally sweet - I prefer the sweetness too. It would contrast well with the chilli heat. Great dip to show off at a get together or party.
I purchased this product because I love seafood and dips, thought this would be right up my alley. I’m not sure if the chilli threw me off, but the flavour was a little odd. If you are a fan of pate, then this might be more your style, for me it just didn’t work no matter what type of cracker/slice I paired it with.
Suck a string flavour and it just tasted wrong!!! Hated it

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