4.3 5 0 14 14 Pine O Cleen multipurpose spray is unbeatable on grease and grime, making it is great to use in many locations. It kills 99.9% of germs, e.coli and salmonella to help your healthy family.
Pine O Cleen Multipurpose Lemon Lime Burst
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I use this to clean everything around our house it is great specially to get all those messy little fingerprints off everything
Does the job
This product cleans, that's all fine but I cannot stand the smell of it. For some reason once it starts to dry it smells putrid to me. Maybe it's just me, but at least it does what it's meant to do.
Cleaning favourite
I use this for EVERYTHING! It is a must in my house, from cleaning hand prints off everything to cleaning the stove it works a treat.
Smells amazing
Love this product I find that my benches and bathrooms are nice and clean after use and the area I use the spray in smells nice and clean and must importantly disinfected
Pine o clean cleans.
This product leaves the kitchen smelling so clean. The cleaner is easy to use and effective.
Refreshing scent and great cleaner
Great cleaner and a really nice clean scent, easy to use.
Love the scent and seems to clean great too. Easy squeeze bottle
Bad smell
This product works really well on all stains including tough stove stains! I’m not a fan of the smell though they could be a lot better!
Effective and easy to use
This product is very easy to use and very effective with cleaning up common spills. The odour is pleasant, not like some cleaning products that leave your house smelling like a hospital. Would recommend
Good on grime, left streaks
This product worked well. We’ve used it in a number of areas, walls, kitchen benches and stove tops. It removes the fatty grease from our stove top well and marks on our walls, however it did leave streak marks on the stove tops. I wasn’t a huge fan on the smell, but that’s all personal.
Mixed thoughts.
Although I do love the freshness and immediate cleanliness this product produces when used, at times find that it does leave a cloudy white residue behind when used on my marble counter tops. Admittedly I do still use this product, however it does create a second step of cleaning I need to add to my list of chores.
Fresh Fragrance
I used this spray for kitchen clean ups and it worked reasonably well on spillages on benchtops and stovetop. I would also use it in the bathroom for quick cleans. I like the fragrance.
Pine O Cleen Spray
Very quick and easy to use. The fragrance is refreshing. Excellent for a quick bathroom sink or toilet seat wipe down.
smelling like roses
love pine oclean products and love lemon smells..this is both combined..

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