4.2 5 0 19 19 With non added sugar, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours, Pop Tops are a great beverage choice for kids. Available in 3 delicious flavours; • Apple, carrot & Raspberry • Sweet Potato, Apple & Tropical • Apple, Carrot & Orange
Pop Tops Fruit & Veg Juice
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Great flavor, kids just love them, big and small. Excellent idea
I got these for my kids one day and the actually liked it there was one left so i drank it it was so nice and fresh
my little boy loves this Pop tops Fruit & Veg Jiuce! he drinks at least 1 bottle per day! its flavor is awesome plus i think its healthy also! therefore i highly recommend it to everyone!
It's really delicious and good for you. I loved this!!
What great way to get kids to up there veg in take. I was very surprised by the taste. Not sweet like some of the pop tops aimed at kids.My favorite was carrot & orange.
My kids love them and I love the fact they don't have added sugar or any artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours! The only thing is they are a bit expensive as they only come in a 4 pack unlike fruitboxes which come in a 6 pack for a similar price.
my 4 year old loves these - taste just like fruit juice
My kids loved these compared to the average poppers
My son tried this and said it was really tasty and just the right size for his lunch pack. An it's good for him.
Brilliant! I love the fact that my 3-year old grandson can have a drink with all the goodness of fruit and veg and thoroughly enjoy it.
Love this product, my son too. Size and flavor perfect with a huge bonus for the veggies.
My kids loved them they thought it tasted yummy and had no idea there was fruit and veg in it. Winning mummy moment :) my kids are 9, 4, and 2yr old twins I thought it tasted nice too.
My kids love them and anyway to sneak in veggies is great thumbs up from me
My kids loved these. They didn't even notice that they had vegetables in them. I love the size and the format of pop tops. Good flavours.
My kids are loving this new pop top. Really tasty and healthy

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