4.7 5 0 46 46 When it's pure and simple, then taste and goodness is amplified. Preshafruit is proud to be free from heat treatment, preservatives, added sugar, concentrates, sweeteners, added colours, flavours or BPA.
Preshafruit Cold Pressed Pink Lady Apple Juice
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Thurst quencher
This apple juice tastes super crisp and delicious. It’s different to your regular fresh apple juice and I really like it because it’s not overly sweet. It’s also a great thurst quencher.
Delicious tasting Apple Juice. This is the best apple juice I have purchased so far!
Presha Fruit
This is a delicious drink to quench your thirst! The flavours are so fresh and smooth! Perfect to have as a little pick me up during the day!
This juice is delicious! Tastes exactly like the fruit it’s supposed to. Have tried the other flavours as well and they’re all amazing! Will continue to purchase
Just Juice
I don't usually enjoy apple juice but I found this one to taste exactly like a freshly squeezed apple. It tastes so fresh and it's just like eating an apple. No strange aftertaste just apple.
Love the Taste
This juice is the best, its refreshing, light and not overly sweet. I buy the bigger size for the family.
Great juice
This dress is really nice you can taste the freshness of it and it comes in conveniently size bottles so you can have it on the go or you can have it in the fridge and pour glasses would definitely recommend
The best
It’s cold,it tastes crisp and it’s not watered down,in a handy bottle just the right size. I love these and good price
Best juice ever !! it's super delicious and so refreshing ! it's the perfect afternoon refreshment on a hot summer day!
Yummy and nice fresh taste not as sweet as other apple juices but still has a nice sweet taste
Tastes just like a pink lady apple
I have never tasted a juice that tastes exactly like eating the fruit... until now. This juice is delicate, light and fresh. Definitely recommend!
Delicious and refreshing
I like the quirky triangle shape of the bottle. This juice is delicious! It looks delicious and inviting. It’s not too sweet and it’s not weak! It’s very easy to drink and should come in bigger bottles too.
Best juice ever
Love love love!! Taste like real apple juice (not sugary & fake). I love the pink lady apple juice.
Great tasting juice that actually tastes like fresh apples. What's more, you can taste the difference between varieties of apples.
Apple juice
Pleasantly surprised , great taste that actually tasted like I was eating an actual apple

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