4.7 5 0 12 12 Now you can enjoy your favourite Ritz crackers with Ritz Dipz! Name a more iconic duo, we'll wait.
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Moorish and tasty
Just scanning reviews while I enjoy my Ritz French Onion Dip on my cheese dried biscuits. As I eat it I am Savouring the flavour of the French Onion Dip and am sharing it with my friend who agrees with my comments here.
Perfect size
Perfect size, i find some of the other brands are a tad too big. Has great taste and goes nicely with ritz biscuits. Looking forward to trying more flavours.
lacks a little
I love the price point of this product and even though there is a lot of onion pieces in the dip it lacks that punchy french onion flavour that you get from other dips or when you make your own
I seen this new product while shopping as I always buy the Ritz biscuits I thought I would try it nice smooth creamy perfect taste very well balanced ingredients I would defiantly recommend it
Cheap & tasty
This dip is delicious. Light and tasty. And it’s relatively cheap which is even better.
So tasty
This was a lovely light and creamy dip that was still packed full of flavour! I was pleasantly surprised by how the oniony taste isn’t overpowering like some other brands can be. It was delicious on crackers with olives and cucumbers on the side :p
Love this product - great taste and so creamy - will buy again
Delicious and creamy
This was a big hit with our family. The only suggestion would be to offer larger pack sizes
Love it
Large family here and at a recent birthday it was a very big hit
Great strong taste probs the best i tryed in a while
Great Dip
French Onion is my favorite flavor of chip dip. Great taste and perfect consistency. I’m very particular in buying dips.
Yum 😋
French onion is my favorite dips so this is a must have on our shopping list perfect with any cracker.

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