4.8 5 0 31 31 S&B Golden Curry Mild Curry Sauce Mix has been repackaged with a customer competition. The product retails in a 92g easy-open pack containing five servings and featuring cooking directions.
S&B Golden Curry Mild Curry Sauce Mix
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mild but tasty
I add a block of this to any curries I make. It adds a slightly different curry flavour to the curry powders on the market and is a nice change. Great with any meat and/or vegetable curries. Easy to use, just dissolve a block in hot water before adding. Sometimes if I want a spicier curry I use is in addition to a curry powder. Needs to be stored in fridge kin airtight container once packet is open. The more blocks used the stronger and hotter the flavour, so its easy to select degree of spiciness, I noticed on the box that this company also make a curry powder, but I haven't seen that in my shopping expeditions as yet. A product I can really recommend
Tasty Curry
This is a nice product - I love how easy it is to add to my dish when making an easy curry. I just wish it was a bit stronger curry, that would make it just perfect
Love this curry
Love Japanese curry, and this is just like the restaurants serve. Great authentic taste...Love it. Easy to use and store. Easy to find in most supermarkets.
Love this curry. It has a great mild taste and super easy and quick to make. It adds the right amount of spice to our meals and the whole family loves it.
Authentic Japanese Curry Flavour
My wife (who is Japanese) and I love these curries. Great authentic taste, reminiscent of being in Japan. Easy to make, and will make a lot. Recommended.
So easy and delicious
Such a quick and easy meal. My family loved it, wanted it again the next night. Really great flavour and I can’t believe how easy it was.
Delicious and simple
Simple to put together a tasty meal on a budget. Great taste and mild for people with low heat tolerance. Love the flavour and tiny tingle of spice. Would recommend if you don’t have time to make curry from scratch.
Perfect Japanese Curry
One of my favourite meals. I have been making Japanese Curry at home for almost 20 years and keep coming back to this brand. It's delicious, reliable and super easy to make. Only hesitation would be the use of unsustainable palm oil which should be replaced with another ingredient.
Japanese Curry
We have tried all three curries from this brand. The mild and medium are our favourites by far. We could give the hot a miss. The mild pack seems to be available more readily and is definitely mild enough for children. You can follow the easy directions on the pack or add some extras to enhance the flavour. Great with rice.
Simple Japanese curry
We have been using Golden curry for over 12 months now and find it a tasty, thick authentic style curry. There are 3 options depending on your taste of mild , medium or hot i like spicy foods but found the hot a bit too hot so now use a mix of hot and medium to tone it down a little
Super convenient and tasty
Golden Curry cubes are really convenient on days when I feel like having some Japanese curry. It can be curry with deep fried chicken, curry with prawn tempura, curry with roasted veggies or tofu. Best of all, it does taste quite similar to the ones we get at restaurants.
Best Ever
Golden Curry Cubes are the best thing ever. We use this in curried sausages, as a dipping sauce for chicken bites etc. Whole family love this.
This is by far the best curry on the market since trying it it’s the only one I buy. Highly recommend 10/10
I love this curry powder, its so nice and makes food taste a lot better
Family Favourite
My husband and kids LOVE this curry - they say it's exactly like the Chicken Katsu from a restaurant. So easy and quick to make at home, without the strange taste some store-bought curry powders/mixes have.

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