Sensodyne Complete Care Toothpaste

4.7 5 0 102 102 New Sensodyne Complete Care has been specially designed for people with sensitive teeth. With twice daily brushing it creates a protective mineral layer over sensitive areas to shield you from the pain of sensitive teeth.
Sensodyne Complete Care Toothpaste


Relieved alot of pain!
I used this after experiencing alot of pain from sugery foods, it relieved alot of the pain and sensitivity. Would definitely recommend to anyone with the same issues.
Complete care for gum and sensitive teeth
Sensodyne introduces complete care helps me relieve sensitivity around my teeth and gum. It gratually builds up the barrier to protect my gum/teeth.
Sensodyne toothpaste works wonder. It helped when my gums were bleeding and gives the teeth an excellent clean. Anyone with sensitive teeth I highly recommend it to everyone.
Makes a difference
I can drink and eat cold and hot foods after using this product
Best toothpaste
I like sensodyne toothpaste it works wonders. It helped me when my gums were bleeding. It the Best
Everything’s in the same
It truely does what it says. I’ve tried many other brands over years for sensitive but alway back to this
Sensodyne Complete Care, Toothpaste is great. I have sensitive teeth and find it really stops the pain that I get often when subjected to eating. Hot or cold foods.
An excellent product which works on so many levels....even giving teeth and excellent clean!
Amazing...Anyone with sensitive teeth I highly recommend you try it :)
I like this sensitive tooth paste. I had some dental work and my dentist suggested a sensitive paste. This is a great choice!
I have very sensitive teeth and sometimes I apply this like a cream straight to the affected area for an added boost in protection and I find it works quickly to bring relief.
I would not use any other toothpaste, I take strong medications that affect my teeth, and for me Sensodyne is the best on the market, I used the other Sensodyne toothpastes as well, and I would recommend them all, my dentist is happy he now only see's me twice a year, instead of the 3-4 I was having to go. Buy it, try it, you will be happy you did.
I have teeth that are sensitive to cold and this product has helped with that. Plus it tastes good.
I have used this a while now and find it very good. The taste is good and as I have a couple of sensitive teeth this seems to settle them down. On a recent visit to the dentist for a check up and clean, there was less plaque to clean. Great - very happy with it.
I have tried Sensodyne Complete Care. A great tasting toothpaste. Gentle, but lessens the bleeding gums and cold sensitivity. I would recommend this toothpaste to any one.

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