4.9 5 0 34 34 The South Cape range of block cheddars are the perfect cheeses to have on hand, ideal for slicing or grating and perfect for use in cooking or melting. There is a taste and maturity profile to suit every taste and every occasion! South Cape Vintage cheddar has been aged for a minimum of 12 months. It has a rich, full bodied flavour.
South Cape Vintage Cheddar Cheese
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Favorite Cheese - Delicious and very bity - mmmmm where are the crackers :)
I just love the taste of South Sea cheeses.the vintage has to be one of my favorite ones as i do like a strong but creamy cheese.
Love it! Sharp, crumbly and creamy. Perfect for a cheeseboard or in cooking
Great tasting cheese - strong, sharp and just the right amount of crumbliness when you cut it. Winner all round. Also tastes amazing as grilled cheese toasties - yum yum!!!
This cheese is really sharp and crumbly... just the way I like it. Perfect for a cheese board or as a sneaky snack with bagel crisps. YUM!!
Tried it but too 'bitey' for me, hubby loves it says it has the right sharpness and taste he craves in cheese.
I am a fan of vintage cheeses and this is definitely one of my favourites! We use it a lot for cooking at home and everyone loves it!
yum, yum, yum! Love South Cape range of cheese. Tried this in their trio range and so glad they brought it out as just a Vintage version. A favourite at home!
I love vintage cheese. But to use the word love for this cheese is....well...an understatement! Definitely straight to the top of the favourite list.
I love a vintage cheese.This tastes great.Has a sharp bite & is enjoyable to eat.
Another family favourite, always some in fridge, great with crisp bread, toasted sandwiches, full flavour
This Cheese is my special indulgence treat and I love it. The sharpness, the deep flavour it is my favourite
My husband and I have tried it and goes well on a cheese platter when having friends over and any left over was eaten the next day with crunchy vita wheat crackers and pickles as well,loved the sharp taste and easy to slice with my new cheese slicer so it lasts longer , the thin slices are just the right thickness to get the best taste accompanied with other sides.It's also great as toasted cheese and and tomato sandwiches.
This cheese is a must for my cheese platters, it has a sharp bite & is most tasty, I recommend this to everyone
This has to be one of my favourite supermarket cheeses. Great on it's own and fantastic for cooking

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