4.3 5 0 26 26 For the adventurous pepper sauce lover, meet Tabasco Habanero Pepper Sauce, made with one of the world's hottest peppers. This Jamaican-style pepper sauce is blended with mango, papaya, tamarind, banana, ginger and ground black pepper and the result is a deceptively fruity, yet totally fiery. Tabasco Habanero Pepper Sauce. You'll love it so much, you might just cry.
Tabasco Habanero Sauce
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Original & Best
You can't go wrong with tabasco, the original and best hot sauce.
Hit product!
Our family love a bit of heat in their food and this fits the bill! This has a bit of heat and can be added on a variety of foods. I even add a dash into my tuna morney Dornin that extra kick. Great taste and nice lot of heat.
Spice up your food
An oldie but a goodie. Is it any wonder this product has never changed over the years. One that will continue to be used throughout time. Great size and taste
The little bottle with a big heart
This is great with taco’s and Asian foods if you are looking for a bit of a kick. ThIs small bottle is great to take camping and is awesome on pizza’s
Old fashioned sauce
Old good Tobasco. Nothing have been changed for ages and it’s awesome about this
Great taste, kinda smells a bit like garbage bin a little but once you put it on something it's really good, great to add to stir fries, curries, rice etc, even fried eggs or sandwiches the sauce is so versatile you can use it for just about everything.
this has been my favorite since i have been a kid, my kids love this product
Love it!
For everyone out there who want that extra spice but their partners or children etc cannot handle the heat, this is for you. Just love putting this on everything!
This is one of the best sauces in stores. It is very hot, I eat chillies and tabasco every day. The only thing it is a bit pricey.
Endorphin Rush
I use Tabasco Habanero Sauce to dishes to add that extra depth of flavour. I add it to dishes like spag.bol and even to salad dressings. Don't overdo it though, only add a few drops because it has a mighty kick.
Great product
Excellent product Have added it to mince and other meats when making pies for bit os spice.
Tabasco Habanero Sauce
My hubby loves anything hot and spicy and I always have it stocked in the pantry. He loves it on everything from chips to his steaks. Its a winner in his books.
Tabasco Habanero
From a household of spicy nuts, we didn't find the Tabasco Habanero hot. It is however packed with flavour. A must have over an Avo and poached egg toast to kickstart the day.
its pretty hot, not my favourite out there but nice
Adds a kick to my meals
Love this product as it is so versatile. I add it to most meals as it adds a nice spicy kick. You only need the smallest amount so this little bottle lasts ages.

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