4.5 5 0 225 225 Made with the finest quality ingredients. These indulgent chocolate cupcakes come with real cocoa, creamy frosting, topped with a decadent drizzle of salted caramel!
White Wings Cafe Creations Salted Caramel & Chocolate Cupcakes
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These were a hit with the whole family great tasting, easy & quick to make.
Easy to make delicious and indulgent treat, the caramel topping is very and can be overpowering if you use to much on the cakes.
Quick and easy to make and full of flavor, salted caramel is my fave and white wings have hit the make with the caramel
I don't normally jump on the trendy bandwagon, but I've come to embrace salty caramel, these cupcakes having just the right mix... Made them for a work morning tea and they were gone before I could taste them so I then had to buy another pack to hoard them for myself. DELICIOUS!!!
I love anything and everything that is salted caramel. I've made these a few times now and they are a success every time.
I love salted caramel. So snapped up a box of these cupcakes when I first saw them. Only one down side..... you have to wait for them to cool before you ice and eat. Absolutely delish.
I made these for a morning tea, for a group of ladies I do craft with, and some for my family, I can tell you, they did not last very long on the plates. the comments I received were yummy.
These taste amazing! Everyone in my house absolutely love them, the flavour combination is great.
Yum, Yum, Yum. I am a chocolate lover but the salted caramel is to die for. I will buy this product again.
Was a bit skeptical as I like to cook from scratch, but they were new and they were caramel so thought I had better try, absolutely beautiful, soft, great taste of caramel and reasonable price.
I am sure my husband is addicted to caramel, so I was more than happy to make these for him. Yes, they were definitely a big hit at our place. Very Yummy indeed. Will most definitely be making them again!
One of the most delicious cupcakes ever and so easy to make
I'm a salted caramel obsessive and these totally lived up to my expectations! I just wish they weren't so yummy.
These were delicious and they are something different from the every day cup cakes. I would buy this again for a special occasion.
Can't believe how quick and easy these were to make - they didn't last long either, delicious!

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