4.7 5 0 67 67 Naturally flavoured. Maple Brown Sugar. Excellent source of Vitamin D, Calcium, Iron and 6 essential vitamins.
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tastes great
A nice way to start your day on a cold winter morning with a nourishing breakfast to start your day.
This is such a nice product. It tastes amazing. I would recommend it.
I was hesitant to try hot cereal, but came accross this brand and have to say I love the taste and flavours that this brand has. Always my go to breakfast
I love cream of wheat, it's so good. I love to add bananas to it.
I love this flavour, and in fact, if it’s plain, I’ll put brown sugar, cream, and a bit of maple syrup on my Cream of Wheat, so this saves me the extra ingredients! I crave this hot cereal, especially in the winter, and we just suddenly got a smack of early, uncharacteristicly, cold winter this week after having had summer until now. Such a comforting way to start a cold day, or any day!
I love cream of wheat. I used to eat oatmeal porridege in the morning. Now my absolute best porridge is cream of wheat. I enjoy it with flax, chia, and peanut butter. Yummy!!!
Quaker has always been part of our breakfast growing up so when this came out it was a natural tendency to try it and it's just as awesome as it was when I was younger. Thank you to the folks at Quaker!! It's not just for breakfast anymore.
mmm- delicious love the taste of maple and brown sugar and is quick to make love that too
super bon! comme du gruau mais en plus crémeux! à essayer!
Nice get up and go starter. Prefer the single packets - they make life so much easier. I use the original brand, but the flavored brand is not bad. Would recommend it any time of day.
I love cream of wheat, it's so good. It still taste just like it did when I was young. So yummy and so good for you. I love to add blueberries to mine.
I can eat this stuff for dinner it's that good! I like to put bananas in it! I have my friends hooked on it too.
Only a couple words to describe this great cereal, quick, easy and so flavourful as well as healthy!!
This is a great taste of my childhood. It is something that my Grandmother always made me at the cottage. Sweet, filling and easy. Nothing better in the morning.
I love having a box of hot, creamy fibre available on a busy morning when I don't have a lot of time for breakfast. A box in my desk drawer means I always have a healthy snack on hand to keep me away from the cake or candy. A box in my luggage while travelling means I have a healthy meal available. I can always get hot water to make a package.

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