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Great tasting Yogurt
IÖGO™ Yogurt is tasty and enjoyable yogurt with many incredible flavours. I use IÖGO™ Yogurt with granola in the morning or in a smoothie or on its own as a dessert or snack. I will keep buying IÖGO™ Yogurt.
Super bon !
C'est l'un des meilleurs yogourts que j'ai mange. Il est super bon peu importe la saveur.
Faible teneur en gras
Mon conjoint aime bien ce yogourt de IOGO à 0% de gras, il le trouve savoureux et adore celui aux fraises. Pour ma part, je préfère les yogourts grecs plus épais qui n'on pas ce goût de "chimique" qui ne me convient pas dans les yogourts à 0%.
I have tried the probiotic flavours which are indeed good. My only complaint is that I wish they would offer some multipack flavours to not have strawberry in them (allergic). Due to that I have to stick to the large tubs. I had contacted the company about that but they said they’re not going to change at all. That is why I buy Activia; they offer a large selection of flavour combinations.
Calorie and taste wise it is great. Good for a healthy snack choice. Im not too concerned about texture, although its nice having some fruit chunks in yogurt.
Iogo yogurt is creamy and delicious. It is one of my favourite yogurt brands.
I love Iögo yogurt for breakfast, snack or dessert. My family all enjoy this yogurt as well. I like be the pineapple and coconut, son loves vanilla and the hubby loves any of the berry flavours. We use it in smoothies, with granola and in my fruit dip recipe. Now if you could make a coffee flavour that would be awesome!
I love love IÖGO! It's light, creamy, only 35 calories and comes in a lot of differents flavors. Bonus : it's a Canadian company! Once you try IÖGO, you'll taste de difference!
My daughters love this yogurt! The small drinkable yogurts make for a quick, easy and mess free snack.
I love IÖGO yogurt! There really isn't a flavour I don't like. I use it in my smoothies, have it by itself as a treat or for dessert.
i love logo yogurt. it tastes amazing and i love the texture. I also love that it is not sweet like other brands.
This is my favourite yogurt. it has such an amazing texture and flavour and it is my favourite in terms of nutritional values at the store.
I love iogo yogurt brand. My kids love there yogurt drinks. I definitely recommend this product.
We really like this yogurt and it has become one of the staples in our home. It is creamy and flavor is good.!
so delicious, so many flavours and not enough days in the week to try them all!! Love the fig one!!

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