4.4 5 0 96 96 Gently cleanses hair with a nutrient-rich lather that wraps every strand for effortless detangling and lasting shine
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My hair varies between oily, normal and dry depending on the season but pantene always brings back the softness and freshness!
Great product
Smells wonderful and leaves my hair feeling fresh and healthy with every wash.
Love Pantene
I love Pantene because with thick long hair it helps to keep it healthy and looking healthy.
Great product, but nothing special.
I found that this shampoo worked well with cleansing, but I didn't see or feel a difference with the "repair & protect" aspect.
Great product for good price
Really like this shampoo and conditioner works really well i have dry frizzy hair and this really helps it! Good price and good product definitely would suggest this to my friends and family
Great shampoo
I like this shampoo because it makes hair soft I have curly dry hair and this shampoo works best for me
Love the smell!
I actually think it’s one of the best shampoos I’ve tried hands down!
Not worth the price
I was expecting my hair to be soft silky and manageable bit instead it was course hard to manage and looked frayed at the ends. Only thing I liked was the scent
fragrance is strong
Detangles very well. I do not like the fragrance though. Very strong.
Shampoo works
I use this shampoo all the time. It does work well. My hair is coloured and there are no dry ends. My only complaint is that without using conditioner my hair has a lot of static.
My hair is radiant
Okay so I have been using this shampoo since high school which was 20 years ago. It is my favorite brand makes my hair soft and shiny helps with the split ends. This is my absolute favorite shampoo I don't think anything can quite compare to it. I always recommend it to my friends
Not for me
I have tried this product and found it lacking. Every time I use it I always get dandruff, my hair becomes oily and heavy. The price is good, yet it has not worked for my curly hair.
Great Everyday Shampoo
Great shampoo for everyday. Very effective, repairs and restores damaged hair. It smells amazing and lathers well. There’s a lot of product for the price, fantastic value. Leaves your hair and scalp feeling clean, fresh and smooth.
Worth the money
This shampoo is worth the money. My hair feels soft and looks good. Pantene shampoo lathers up good and rinses out nice. It has a nice smell also.
hair left with no tangles, very little needed to get a good suds even when applied to hair with a lot of gel in it.

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