4 5 0 95 95 Simply adjust the cone height to release the right amount of fragrance to banish odours and leave behind a clean, refreshing scent.
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Great Brand
I use this style of air freshener in a number of areas in my home. They are very very affordable, which is appropriate considering the temporary nature of their effective life span. This specific scent is one of my favourites. These are extremely convenient, and versatile, they can be used in just about any area large or small. The only small complaint I have is that (in Canada anyways) there doesn’t seem to be an overly impressive range of scents available in the majority of major shopping centers.
I enjoyed this product. It’s very affordable! I also enjoyed the smell especially because it is not overwhelming
Great for a small room!
I really liked this product because I found it was perfect for my small bathroom and powder room. The smell is not overwhelming either. The shape and simple white design under the label also makes it super cute and easy to blend with decor in any room you choose! Definitely have bought repeatedly!
Smells good
These are inexpensive and leave my home smelling wonderful! I have them hidden throughout the house.
Pretty Good!
Smells nice. Lasts about a month. 4 stars from me ♡♡♡♡♡
I love the scents of all these products. I find they fill the room and last quite a long time. The attractive price tag makes replenishing them much more affordable as compared to competitors. I gave 4 stars as I do sometimes have issues with the packaging. They break quite easy and then won’t stay up.
Wonderful product. I will buy it anytime because the sense is amazing. I feel relax every time I use it
Nice smell
Have been using this product for along time and it leaves a nice smell in rooms for along time..
This lasts quite a long time and it is not too overpowering. It is such a refreshing scent!
I love the scent and I use it in the living room as in the bathroom. It makes the house smell nice.
I keep renuzit gel air fresheners in all my washrooms in the house. They smell great and last a long time. Definitely recommend these for the washroom or even in small spaces such as closets or entry ways.
Bought this at Walmart, 3 in a pack. You just twist and raise the cover. I have 1 in the kitchen and 1 in the bathroom. You don't smell anything unless your nose is right in the cone. It is a nice scent though.
I have used Renuzit products at home at work & the white pear & lavender scent have been a huge hit with everyone. I notice the product doesn't disintegrate evenly. It could depend on how much I have the opening opened. I do enjoy the scents.
I use this in my truck and it smells great and lasts for a long time
I love these freshers. It’s all I use in my house besides scentsy from time to time. Low in scent which is good because the smell isn’t strong.

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