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I used this on my shoulders and back more than my face, as I felt it was a bit rough for my face, I have sensitive skin.
I have tried this roduct twice. Youca buy it everywhere but to be hoses the cheapest is in Poudlad. Am I buy this product again? I thik YES, but I used to try some betters one. This is decent. But price is brilliant :)
I used Simple products religiously when I was a teenager (would get it sent over from the UK where I first discovered them)! Definitely good for sensitive skin but can be a bit too mild if you have lots of acne.
I like this product. I would like if the grit is finer. I bought it because its for sensitive skin. overall good product
I really like this facial scrub it is really gentle but it cleans my pores and face really well i am very happy with this great product .
Wonderful , leaves skin very soft and smells great, awesome product
I love all the Simple products! I use this face scrub once a day or once every couple days and my face feels smooth and clean afterwards. I have very dry spots and this product keeps my face hydrated and doesn't make it even more dry like most face washes/ face scrubs do.
It's exactly as named, simple. Not rough on skin, no fragrant smell etc. It's truly wonderful. I have sensitive to say the least, skin and this has never irritated it. It's also not overly priced. Sometimes, expensive doesn't mean better
This is one of my go to's for my daily facial cleansing regime. Great clean scent.
It's very gentle on skin, but I really don't like the scent.
I like the smooth finish this leaves on my skin. It feels clean, and ready for moisturizer!
Works!!,,nice and clean!!,love exfoliating,good for our skin!!!
I love Simple products. This one is by far one of the favourites from their line! I use it 2-3 times per week to give my face a really nice gentle scrub. Leaves my face so soft and subtle. Great deep clean without the harsh chemicals! Strongly recommend adding this to your weekly beauty routine!
Love this product. So sad the stores nearby don't carry it anymore, I notice my skin was better when I was using this product. Wish to use it again.
I have tried this product. I don't find it harsh on the skin. It leaves your face feeling very clean and fresh. I would highly recommend this.

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