4 5 0 81 81 4 mocha flavoured bottles.
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Just ok. Doesn't taste awesome but not the worst.
I keep these types of drinks around the house for times where I run out of time, or I'm not feeling well. This particular brand wasn't overly special, and was more expensive for less product. I would drink it if it was what I had around, and might buy it on sale. Otherwise I have other products I like better.
These are great meal replacements. Also very affordable.
Just recently tried this product for the first time and really liked it. It has great taste and is good for breakfast on the go. Helps satisfy hunger.
love love love these!! I have tried these in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. I am greedy so I had breakfast and I still had a drink.
These are great when you have a busy morning and no time to sit and eat
I really like having them on hand because most mornings I have to be up 4:00 AM and I don't feel like eating that early although if I don't sometimes I don't get a chance to have something until lunch time. I do find them a little pricey but I will continue to buy them for the convenience.
I wasn't a fan of the mocha but the vanilla one was good. Not too thick or too sweet as some breakfast shakes can be.
Love the taste, great meal replacement for those on the go, easy to handle bottles, convient travel size but expensive for what you get.
J'ai essayé celui au moka ..il est bon mais j'aurai préféré au chocolat. Mais j'ai vraiment été déçu de voir qu'il n'avait pas.
It was very chocolate-y and I enjoyed the viscosity of the drink. The drink is also a perfect size for a morning drink
I like these but I don't get them very often. They taste good and are convenient if your in a hurry. However, they are rather expensive.
J'ai aimé celui à la vanille et été déçu qu'il n'y ai pas de chocolat mais plutôt moka, Je n'ai pas le café alors je n'ai pas aimé le moka. Mais pour ce qui est de satisfaire la faim j'ai été surprise.
On en a toujours à la maison mon conjoint les adores. il n'a pas le temps de déjeuner le matin alors cette boisson est très pratique pour lui :)
J'aime le goût. Jai toujours des bouteilles chez moi. Après avoir jouer un game d'hockey je bois un spécial k.
didnt like them at all. I didnt enjoy the taste of them. we threw them out.

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