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Baking Soda Cleansing Micellar Water
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gentle cleanser
I found this while in the dollar store and decided to give it a try, $3 isn't bad to try something new. I really like this product. It is gentle and works great on removing my eye make up. I use it on my whole face and it leaves it feeling soft, smooth and clean. There is no smell like some facial cleansers.
Cheap & Effective
I always find this stuff at my local Dollarama and I pick up a new bottle every time I am there cause it's much cheaper than if I had gone to Shoppers and picked up the product. This stuff works wonders. IT takes off even waterproof makeup and cleans your skin at the same time. Not only does it to do that but it makes your skin feel fresh and soft without using harsh chemicals. If you're looking for makeup remover that doesn't leave your face oily and greasy; this is your new bestie!
Takes off waterproof eyemakup... slowly and painfully
This product does its job. It takes off mascara, but I find it takes a while, its not a simple press and wipe off. You have to rub your eyes. I use the L'Oreal Telescopic waterproof mascara. If you have too much of this product on a cotton pad it will burn your eyes and stay on your fingers. Wash after using.
My face felt unflourished .the cleanser needed to be more light on the face
removes makeup well
I was at the dollar store and decided to purchase this product and it does a great job at removing makeup. It even removes mascara well the first time. I will defiantly continue to use biorè to remove my make and love that I can get it at a good price.
I found this product to be a little waste of money might as well just use water
Burned my eyes, but took off makeup.
The makeup came off but I found that when taking off the eye makeup my eyes stung and burned. And not just while removing the makeup for a little while after. In order to use the product I habe to flush my face with cool water after. I liked how well it removed my makeup compared to my regular product, but it wasnt worth the stinging of my eyes. This product came in a package we purchased for Christmas. It included other products as well like charcoal face wash/mask. The stinging of my eyes could be just me personally, I do have sensitive skin and eyes.
I use this product all the time and love the brand all around. After washing my face I use this and it gets that extra bit of makeup/dirt off my skin. Would recommend it.
Nice cleansing water
Biore products are always good. I am using there cleanser, face scrub and cleansing micellar water . Baking soda cleansing micellar is so good for skin . It removes all dirt from ur face.
Good product
i really like this product but it does not get 100% of my makeup off.
Works Great
I love this! I’ve used Biore products in the past and was excited to try this. I use it as more of a tonner after I wash my face and it makes it feel that much cleaner and fresh
Good clean healthy clean doesn't leave the skin feeling soapy or greasy after you wash your face
works great
So it works extremely well. The only thing it won't take off is liquid lipstick.
Makeup remover
I received this as a sample, and I must say it is a nice product. Really removes makeup and doesn’t irritate my skin. Makes my face looks fresh and good for oily skin.
Good product
It is a really good product I just find that for my eyes you have to be really careful, it always wipe them with wipes after but hardly anything comes away once I've used this.

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