Febreze ONE Fabric Refresher Lavender & Eucalyptus

4.5 5 0 167 167 Relax and unwind with the soothing essential oil scent of Febreze ONE Fabric Refresher Lavender & Eucalyptus. Refresh your coziest, comfiest fabrics like blankets or couches and enjoy the light, fresh scent without any heavy perfumes or aerosols.
Febreze ONE Fabric Refresher Lavender & Eucalyptus


Just OK
I have tried this for a few weeks and I’m not super impressed. The scent is great, it doesn’t smell like a cheap wall plug or other sprays but it just doesn’t last long. It does work if you need a quick refresh but you will need to reapply a few hours later if you want the scent to last.
Works Great
This stuff works great in-between washes for my every day items. I find it keeps things smelling fresh, and I love how it also works as an air freshener. I find sometimes it can leave a residue, but it always comes off with washing
Household staple
This is our go to furniture and carpet freshener. With 3 dogs in the house who love to lie on our furniture, a few sprays over the couch and it smells fresh and clean! Would never know the dogs frequent the areas we spray. Highly recommend having this on hand.
très bon produit pour les tissus
excellent produit pour les tissus qu'on ne peut pas laver divan, matelas coussin pour chien tapis, etc moi je l'utilise partout partout!! dans la voitures tous les tapis matelas divan le coussin pour mon chien ! j'adore la fraîcheur que ce produit procure
A must have
1. The Febreze ONE Fabric Refresher Lavender & Eucalyptus is a must-have for keeping my home smelling fresh and inviting. The combination of lavender and eucalyptus creates a soothing and relaxing aroma that instantly transforms any room into a tranquil oasis. 2. This fabric refresher effectively eliminates odours, leaving my furniture, curtains, and carpets smelling clean and revitalized. It doesn't just mask odours; it truly eliminates them, ensuring a long-lasting freshness that I can enjoy for hours. 3. I love that this product is free from aerosols, dyes, and heavy perfumes. It's a more natural and eco-friendly option that I feel good about using in my home. The formula is gentle on fabrics and doesn't leave any residue, making it safe to use on a variety of surfaces. 4. The easy-to-use trigger spray bottle allows for precise and controlled application. I can easily spritz the fabric refresher onto my upholstery or curtains without worrying about oversaturating.
Nice Scent
I do love the scent of this Febreze but the staying power isn't as long as I would have liked. This is more of a temporary fix if you have company coming over but strong smells have come back after about an hour
Febreze ONE Fabric Refresher Lavender &
I use in my bedroom and love the scent. Two great scents combined into one. Snells clean and delicate and perfect for those wanting a lovely scent in sheets and in their bedroom.
Best bed refresher!
I am not big on spraying scents around my house but this is such a beautiful product for spraying my linens and bedspread to make my room and bed smell so beautiful and refreshed. I love that it has no artificial scents which makes me feel better about what Im spraying in my home and essential oils are the best for a pure fresh scent. I actually really also like the spray bottle because I know how much to spray onto my fabrics. Also who doesnt feel calm with lavender! Love this Febreeze!
I don't care for the smell
I think it masks more the smell than eliminate it. I don't care much for this product as it smells to strong and it is like spraying perfume on my fabrics.
Fresh Natural scent!
I used this on our bedding and closet to keep our garments and bedding smell fresh. It has a light scent yet very effective in removing odors. I recommended this to my friends and they loved it too.
A plusss
I loved this product, leaves a nice scent on fabrics while taking out the left over scents the wash leaves behind. Those musty towels are gone.
Soft scent that is relaxing. Unfortunately the scent does not last very long.
I would recommend this product. Not only does it make my apartment fresh I am able to relax at night with the scent of lavender. I live in an apartment and sometimes the smell of other units float into the hallway. I will spray the hallway carpet with this and the smell of fish, cabbage, smoke and other foods are gone leaving a very refreshing smell.
Slightly disappointed
I’ve made a better mix of essential oils that lasted much longer! Use for our bedding to assist with sleep and even the children noticed a difference with the lack of fragrance.
Best one yet
Febreze ONE Fabric Refresher Lavender & Eucalyptus is the best Febreze in the entire line. The scent is so calming and inviting. Very refreshing without there heavy perfume smell. Doesn’t bother my allergies. Would recommend.

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