4.5 5 0 99 99 Toss a little or a lot into the washing machine at the beginning of the wash and let its long lasting scent system work its magic for clothes that smell fresh for weeks.
Fleecy* Fragrance PearlsTM
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very soft
great smell and very soft on clothes i recommended this product
New product.
Loved it, smell lasted for weeks. The men in the house really liked it also, never complained at all. No skin reactions on anyone, me and the grandson have edema .I will definitely be buying this product in my future purchases. I strongly recommend this product to all my family and friends.
Love this product
I love the fresh scent and softness this gives your clothes. I would buy it again and again
I would recommend it
It is definitely worth a try.i bought it on sale and pretty happy with purchase.
Work cloths
My work cloth always smell fresh. I work in ground digging trenches
Not for sensative noses
I found the smell to strong I had to rewash my clothes after using this product
Love this product, smells amazing and beads were never attached to clothes like other brands I’ve used.
always a fleecy user....
I love fleecy product..... it smells great, I like to smell this scent when going to bed ... the smell is relaxing for me. I will tell others about this product...
Oh so good
My opinion is that this makes your clothes smell so good . The smell last for a long time after using it. It's a must try
Good value
I never tried these type of products before. But seeing the reviews i thought i should give it a try. You know i am glad i did. It is easy to apply, it keeps the clothes smells nice and the best part it doesnt leave spots on the clothes
Smells really lasts
I loved washing my sheets with this. They smell clean until the next wash. I also like to wash my hoodies and jackets with it since I wear them multiple times inbetween washes and they smell great the whole time
Do we really need this?
I don't quite know why I tried this product.Hate scented products.Do we really need more chemicals? Obviously not buying again..
Love the smell
I have used these many times and I find that they are one if the best on the market. Tge only problem I have is they are very hard to find, so when I do find then I stock up on them.
Loved the smell
This product smelled amazing ! 2 thumbs up for sure! I will definitely purchase again ! The smell lasts !
Fantastic Product.
My overall opinion on this product is, I found the smell of this product to be one of the best smells I have ever encountered. It also kept my sheets smelling this amazing for literally 2 weeks. It may have been longer but I had washed them again. I do know that the smell does last 2 weeks tho for sure. This is a great product. I will defiantly be buying this again.

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