Gay Lea Foods Salted Butter Convenient Sticks

4.9 5 0 40 40 You can trust Gay Lea Butter. After all it's made with only two ingredients - cream and salt. Pure and preservative-free, it's a delicious addition to the food you make. Use it when you cook, bake, or fry, or spread it over crunchy vegetables.
Gay Lea Foods Salted Butter Convenient Sticks


Tastes great
This butter is good. With the price of butter these days, when this goes on sale i try to pick of a few lbs. It tastes good and I use it in my baking. It is good quality butter.
Worth melting
Love butter just a little on top of a cooked steak ,makes it taste so much better but butter makes everything better.
Gay Lea Butter
This is the perfect butter for baking! I love how it comes in pre-measured sticks so you don't have to take too much out at a time. They freeze nicely as well which is awesome.
I enjoy this butter. It is great to bake with. It melts easily
Great packaging idea.
Gay Lea is my go to butter, with salt, and I stock up when on sale. I love it when I can find this butter, packages in four bars. It makes it so easy to put a 1/4 cup of butter in whatever you are baking. Otherwise I need to let the butter sit on the counter to warm up, before it can be sliced and packaged in 1/4 cup containers. It does cost a little more to buy in this convenient packaging, but when on sale, stock up and save money. I always have butter, with salt, in the freezer.
Best butter around
Best butter around so creamy. I usually stick up when on sale and freeze if. Still tastes fresh
Gay Lea Salted Butter Sticks
Love Gay Lea salted butter sticks. They are great for baking there is no more measuring when you use the sticks. Makes baking so much easier.
Great for baking
This product is as high quality as other Gay Lea products but has the added convenience of being in stick form rather a large block. It is so convenient for baking!
Great for baking and cooking
The salted butter are convenient when it comes to baking and cooking as they have measurements on the side and are individually wrapped so you could use one and keep the rest in the fridge for next time
There no better butter
I use this all the time for baking and everyday. It has a great taste and an awesome price point. I switched to a keto diet and the flavour that this butter brings is amazing. I would definitely give it a 10/10
Love Gay Lea!
It is automatic for me to reach for Gay Lea butter when I am at the grocery store - especially when it it comes to the convenience of butter sticks. It makes it so much easier to not have to cut butter for measurements in cooking or baking (though baking is where it is the most helpful when it is precise measurements). This is why I will continue to purchase Gay Lea stick butter, and why I love it.
I find this product is creamy and delicious. It’s a staple in our home now.
This is the best butter I ever used. It's tasteful. I'll probably recommend it to family and friends.
Great product
I love this butter it tastes fresh good priced and my kids love it
Butter sticks are the only way!
Great product, love the quality of the butter and the 4 sticks make measuring and portioning so much easier

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