GoZone Comfort Handle Jump Rope

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GoZone Comfort Handle Jump Rope


Good product
I really liked the length of this skipping rope. I also really liked the weight of the handles. I find some can be too heavy if you aren’t looking for weighted ones but I thought these were perfect.
Je m'en sert a mon entraînement .facile a ranger, très résistante. Pour les pognés, tout est parfait. Le prix a l'achat comparativement a d'autres modèles similaires est très bien
Bonne corde
Pratique pour la transporter partout. Très performante pour mes entraînement de boxe. Elle va bien et elle est flexible. Les poignées sont confortables! Si vous vous entraîner, je vous la conseille!
Not worth the splurge
As far as jump ropes go, this is admittedly a step up from something cheaper by GoZone or from something you'd get at the dollar store. The handles (which, based on the title, are the main selling point) are definitely more comfortable, but everything else is pretty standard. I personally don't think that more comfortable handles make the added price worth it. I find if I wear my weight lifting gloves all jump ropes are really equally as comfortable. If you're in the market for a standard jump rope I'd recommend getting something cheaper from GoZone or even from the dollar store, but if you can afford to spend a bit extra I'd recommend going with one of GoZone's weighted ropes instead to add a bit more of a challenge. This is definitely a good jump rope but for the price there's better options out there.
The best cardio
It's amazing how quickly jumping rope can get your heart rate up. This is a great way to keep my heart rate up between sets of strength exercises. I like the handles of this rope, very easy to grip and feels nice on my hands. His rope moves quickly and easily and does not get tangled!

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