4 5 0 32 32 Introducing Halo Top Bars! The newest flavour to Canada is for fans who want to have their (cheese) cake and eat it too! The strawberry cheesecake flavour is layered with a graham cracker swirl to make each bite that much sweeter
Halo Top® Strawberry Cheesecake Bars
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Low cal, high flavour
You can't go wrong with any of the halo top products. Most low calorie ice creams have a powdery taste to them or just taste straight up fake. Halo top is creamy, soft, and packs an incredible flavour punch. My favourite go-to not so guilty pleasure!
It good but not great
This product tastes okay but since it is pretty healthy that makes sense, but the price is too high comparing it to the taste.
I tried this while doing low carb. It was very tasty and a great when craving something sweet and cold. They are more expensive than most frozen desserts however that goes with all heathlyier products.
These are quite expensive and just okay. They tasted fake to me.
Un délice
Ma fille l'adore, elle était un peu réticente mais depuis qu'elle a essayé, elle ne lâche plus. Miaaam
Very tasty. Healthier than most and a nice change. Love the cheesecake flavour!
Halo top strawberry
There ok and I would buy them if they were cheap but there a bit disappointing how much they cost. Refreshing and satisfying but a bit too expensive for what they are reare really
Good idea
These are a good option if you need a low calorie dessert. But I say if you’re going to eat dessert, just eat what you want. Don’t worry about the nutrition value.
Very tasty and refreshing. Definitely will buy again. I loved them!
I love this bar, huge fan, will buy it again. Halo Top products are so good
Very good product but I don’t buy it so much due to the price
absolutely delicious
I bought these to try out in the summer and oh boy was I surprised they taste amazing and they're only 100 calories although they were a bit pricy they were definitely worth the purchase
So froggen good
I am on weight watchers and these bars are a god sent. They absolutely delicious. Creamy and not over sweet and low cal so you feel just guilty enough. You will not regret buying these
So Yummy!!!
I found that I really enjoyed these bars. Incredable tasting and worth the purchase. Everybody who can, should give them a try.
grreat iccream bar
I love strawberry and cheescake together in icecream

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