Johnson’s Baby Wash and Shampoo for Baths Head-to-Toe Tear Free 1L

4.7 5 0 745 745 • Johnson's Head-To-Toe Baby Body Wash and Shampoo travel size gently cares for baby's sensitive skin • Mild, hypoallergenic formula free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes • No More Tears formula makes this wash and shampoo tear-free and as gentle to baby eyes as pure water • Tested with pediatricians and pH-balanced
Johnson’s Baby Wash and Shampoo for Baths Head-to-Toe Tear Free 1L


Great product to use for adults !
Johnson and Johnson's tear free shampoo . I am over 40 years old. Have dry eye disease. I was desperate for a product to gently wash my eyelids & around my eyes. I use this everyday
Johnson's has been making excellent baby products for decades, and this new packaging is just another great item in their long, lineup. The hand pump work easily and distributes exactly what you need, each time. I like the larger size as well. Worth the money.
Perfect for baby’s skin
I love using this brand for my baby, it always leaves her skin soft and smooth. I would highly recommend to any new parents.
Johnson’s Baby Wash and Shampoo for Baths Head-to-Toe Tear Free 1L has the most convenient pump on the top so you don’t have to take two hands off a slippery infant during tub time. Mild yet nostalgic scent, very gentle on skin and hair, tear free. Love it. Would highly recommend
Smells great!
Johnson & Johnson has some great products. This product smells great and the smell lasts. Usually not every smell lasts but this one does. I’d recommend it because I have have nothing bad to say about it.
Baby essential
I use it for my baby and it smells very nice. It's perfect for my baby's sensitive skin because it contains no harmful chemicals such as parabens and sulfates, and is safe for tiny eyes.
Love it
I have used this product for every single one of my children. It’s a great product and smells so nice.
L’odeur est bonne, la quantité et le prix valent la peine.
Smells sooo good
I absolutely love this product! I use it on my 3 little ones after every bath.
Nice and smooth
Like it, nice scent, smooth and creamy to wash, makes skin feel nice.
My baby loved this
This soap is convenient and smells great! The pump action made it easy to use when bathing my child. I absolutely love the way it smells. I wouldn’t change a thing and I would recommend it to others.
In love with this
My baby and I love this. It’s safe, easy to use and smells great.
Swear by it
Best head to toe wash on the market. Is 100% tear free as advertised and leaves my baby's skin soft and clean. I even use it for my older daughter still because of the tear free aspect.
Still use this on my toddlers
Love the smell, it’s gentle and we still use it on our toddlers with sensitive skin. Great price too
Leave skin soft
Love the smell and it leaves baby skin very soft.

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