Johnson’s Baby Wash and Shampoo for Baths Head-to-Toe Tear Free 1L

4.7 5 0 657 657 • Johnson's Head-To-Toe Baby Body Wash and Shampoo travel size gently cares for baby's sensitive skin • Mild, hypoallergenic formula free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes • No More Tears formula makes this wash and shampoo tear-free and as gentle to baby eyes as pure water • Tested with pediatricians and pH-balanced
Johnson’s Baby Wash and Shampoo for Baths Head-to-Toe Tear Free 1L


Love it!
I love this product I even use it myself as a 23 year old! Makes my skin sold and clean.
Great Product
I got this for my baby show, and I am glad I did because I was only going to use the "bedtime" product but my daughter loves it!
Baby Hair
I bought this for my grandchildren that come in the summer for 2 mos. one is a toddler and the other 8 mos. we used it on both kids and neither one got sore eyes or rubbles their eyes afterwards. We also used it on their body and they both have very sensitive skin. Neither child had a reaction, which was a huge plus! Love this product.
Very nice to use for children I recommend to everyone to try this product
Works like a charm
Been using it for babies to younger kids for years, works like a charm. Passed down from parent as a trusted brand as i myself use it when i was young. Recommended if you haven't tried it.
Very nice
I loved this product for my kids. The left their hair and skin moisturized and not dry.
Très doux et ma fille aime beaucoup. Il sent bon et ne pique pas
It’s not tears free
Good product for baby but not tear free as promised. Also heard that Johnson and Johnson had had court cases causing cancer. I used this product many years ago for my bsbies
Baby shampoo
so i use this on my niece to give her a bath . it smells nice clean too . i actually googled up if i could watch my dogs fur with this and yes you can so i did it and it turned my dogs white hair really soft so yeah im happy with this product also i suggest anyone who has a baby or a dog use this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smells Great
Bought this for my son but since he has eczema we go with Aveeno now. Overall it is still good and I gave it to my sister in law for her kids :) I'd buy it again if my so wasn't sensitive
Nice good
I’ve been using this for 3 years now with my son and my daughter.. love this for their skin
Only product my daughter will use in the shower!
This is the best shampoo and body wash for babies and kids! I even like to use it for myself. Doesn't dry your skin. Doesn't have an overbearing smell. Feels great on the skin. Lathers well. Love this product and will keep purchasing it!
Favourite baby soap
I have loved this soap for years to wash my makeup brushes, and once I had a baby to find it in 1L was amazing! I find it’s just the right amount of gentle and clean at the same time.
Best baby soap ever
This was so good left my niece feeling well moisturized and definitely a nice scent as well plus they are hypoallergenic which is great is your baby has sensitive skin or if you have sensitive skin or an allergy to an infersient in leading brands
Still use with my 3yo
My youngest has horrible allergies resulting in very sensitive skin and this is one of the products he can use. Most, so called natural product still produce a skin reaction but not J&J! We have used it with him since he was a baby and still do as it is a gentle wash that lathers well.

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