4.5 5 0 110 110 The World's first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and satisfies like beef without GMOs, soy, or gluten.
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Pricey but close
Way too pricey for my pocket. Had a special, so tried it. Found it to be like a cheap prepared burger with a bit of an odd taste. Will wait until they get the price down a lot.
I enjoyed this product but was pricey where I purchased.
This tasted as good as promised. Most would not know it wasn’t beef if you didn’t tell them. Delicious
amazing burger
I was given this to me by a friend and didnt know is was a non meat burger. it was delicious and definitely fooled me into thinking it was meat. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who likes burgers!
Best non meat burger
This is the best non meat burger I have ever eaten. I find it very difficult to realize it is not a beef burger.
Très bon produit
Le gout est excellent. Le prix est par contre dispendieux mais si vous voulez une boulette végan qui ressemble beaucoup à un vrai burger, c'est la boulette à acheter. Je recommande aux autres !
I loved them!
My son stopped at A&W and asked me if I wanted anything? No thankyou...I'm a Vegetarian. He came back with an Beyond Meat BUrger. I have to say it was delicious. Since then I have bought the patties and BBQ'd them at home. Even my husband enjoyed them and he is a dedicated Meat Lover. I bought the Beyond Meat Sausages but havent tried them yet.
Is this even possible?
I bought these burger for my long weekend BBQ for my friends who are vegetarian! Wow what amazing reactions from my friends who were trying for the first time. The texture and the flavour is unbelievable! One of my friends question to if I have given her real meat! I will defo be buying them again and this time they will be all for myself, they are too good to share!
Best So Far!
I was very impressed with these 'burgers', which were light years better that a certain national grocery store chain's recently launched plant-based burger. Flavour was very pleasing and they cooked up beautifully on the stove and BBQ. Also, I see an improved version ("Now even meatier!" with improved marbling) has been released in the States (and soon in Canada?). Even on sale I found these very expensive but will consider buying again if the price goes down. Great alternative for family events where there will be only a few non-meat eaters.
Passable substitute
Though it’s not super flavorful and doesn’t taste like meat in my opinion, it satisfies the craving for that meaty bite and texture. Add your usual toppings and you won’t see a big taste difference.
I have tried this burger and I was amazed it was juicy it wasn’t dry it had the same texture as meat it was flavourful I can’t believe Ed didn’t have any meat in it it was so good I would definitely have it again
Great Meatless Burger!
Just wonderful! Looks a lot like meat, tastes great, will continue to buy it. Grilled to perfection on the barbecue, didn’t shrink, the family loved it!
The Burger of the future
I am not a vegan or a vegetarian but I was introduced to this burger several weeks ago. It has been game changing for my meals as well as the world. You can barely tell the difference between this and normal meat burger. This has that environmental benefit aspect that really makes you feel good while eating it
Excellent Meat Alternative
Excellent product - Best tasting veg burger in the market. Free from GMOs, soy, hormones, cholesterol and gluten. Made from a combination of pea, mung bean, and rice to deliver a complete protein profile. Fat used is from coconut oil and cocoa butter. Further, plant based burgers are more environmentally friendly - uses less water, pesticides, & emits fewer greenhouse gases. Also, higher probability to get a food-borne bacteria from meat products than plant-based products. Just buy it - better for you & your family and better for the environment!!

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