TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray

4.5 5 0 157 157 TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray helps you manage your hair without making it stiff. You may not be able to control what the day throws at you, but with TRESemmé Tres Two line of quality professional hair products, you can at least control your hair. With the Tres Two line, TRESemmé has released its most effective and affordable products, formulated to help you achieve and keep your salon-quality hair style every day. From extra hold hair spray to professional-grade mousse built for spectacular body, TRESemmé has your hair covered. As Canada’s #1 hair spray for women, TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Hair spray gives all hair types and styles the hold they need without all the stickiness and stiffness of other aerosol hair sprays. The water-free formula of this TRESemmé hairspray offers 24-hour humidity resistance to leave your hair with that just-left-the-salon look, fighting troublesome frizz and flyaways all day long. How to use: Start your style with TRESemmé shampoo, conditioner and other styling products. Spray Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray on dry hair, sections at a time, approximately 25-30 cm from your hair. For stronger hold, layer more spray in the places you need the most control. For the ultimate body and fullness, flip hair upside down and spray our smooth hairspray all over. And, as a bonus, it comes in a large hair spray format to keep your hair looking beautiful longer.
TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray


Doesn’t hold
I didn’t like this product. It didn’t hold my hair at all. And the smell isn’t very nice
Excellent Quality
In llve with this product for my hair, I keep stealing it from my girlfriend behind her back. It holds perfectly my hair, and you've got a lot of psh psh for the price that they market it at.
Strong Hold
Easy to use, holds hair without saturating it Recommend it
Works well
This hairspray works really well to keep your hair in place after styling. It's good for the price. The hair remains very firm but not rock-hard so it still looks somewhat natural. The scent of hairspray is relatively strong though but it goes away. Just make sure to always wash it out before bed!
Love me a good hair spray
Ive been using treseme products for as long as i can remeber. I love the smell of their hairsprays, & they have a great hold without making your hair feel crunchy & dry.
My Only Hairspray
This is honestly the only hairspray I use,. I have naturally curly hair, and I love this hairspray!
It’s ok
How do use this a lot to be honest it’s decent but leaves hair greasy. Also it irritated my scalp a bit.
Great hold
As the title says, this hairspray has a great hold, lasts all day and I don’t find it makes my hair too heavy. One thing I don’t like is I find it’s really sticky, maybe I’m just using too much and it’s user error, but otherwise this is still my favourite hairspray.
Great product
I loved using this product it worked very nice with my stubborn frizz thanks.
It did a decent job of holding a hairstyle for my thick hair, the mister did get clogged after a couple of uses and it made my hair very stiff and sticky. At least it is affordable
Light Spray
This hairspray is light which is nice but the force with which it comes out is crazy. Otherwise I like it
Love this spray and it's the only one I use! Holds my hair how it is and best part it doent make it feel sticky or hard, love it! Big bottles so it lasts for a while! Plus the Ingredients used are not as bad as other sprays.
Great holding power
I have fine hair and trying to keep volume is a problem when there is heat and humidity. Tresemme has been my go to product is has great hold and any stiffness can be brushed or combed out easily.
Could be a bit better hold but it doesnt leave your hair looking greasy or chunky which I think is worth it.
Holds well
Good hairspray besides the smell, I have never liked the smell of hairspray but atleast Aussie has a nice smell to there’s and tries to hide the alcohol. Tresemmé is just nasty smelling

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