4,5 5 0 28 28 Décrochez l’or avec ce mélange audacieux, mais velouté de café 100 % arabica de qualité supérieure aux notes de cacao foncé sucré.
1850 Café Moulu Minuit Dore
  • 4,5 De
  • 28 Critiques


When You Need It, Get It.
I try plenty of different varieties of coffees, depending on the specials of the moment and this one really impressed me. I like it black, I like it bold and this product delivers on all aspects.
Amazing taste
I'm not a heavy coffe drinker and usually prefer milder types to avoid palpitations and care much about the taste and not the strength, my experience with this coffe has been great so far and has become my morning routine
Great coffee
Very good tasting coffee enjoy it everyday very smooth and refreshing. Me me feel energized in the mornings.
excellent café
Il n'ont pas à avoir honte de nous offrir cet excellent café, je le recommande à tous les bons buveurs de café.
Very rich and flavorful taste . Great to wake up in the morning to it
Worth a try
Bought it on a whim. I really like this coffee; it’s bold and smooth and is a lovely first cup of coffee in the morning. Will buy it again.
great morning coffee
i’m a morning person who needs that cup of coffee as soon as i open my eyes! The aroma fills my house and awakens my senses and the hot black velvet touches my soul! so good! i will be buying this again for sure.
Love the packaging
Excellent coffee. Had a sample in a store and will definitely be trying some at home.
Not your average coffee
I tried this at the grocery store, on a whim. I needed something to perk me up. Wow did I get what I needed. It has a bold upfront flavour, then rolls around on the tongue. I think fancier coffee packaging like this should have “pairings” listed on the back, like wines do. I would pair this with a caramel crunch cake, or Tiramisu.
Great coffee
A rich full bodied cup of coffee. Enjoyable way to start the day.
J'ai servi ce café a mes invites et ils ont adore! Un bon café qui a du gout! Je vais en racheter c'est certain.
good coffee
A rich full bodied cup of coffee. Enjoyable way to start the day..
Very good coffee
My husband and I tried this coffee for the first time and really enjoyed it. It's not too strong and not bitter. It's a bit on the expensive side when full price, but not bad when you can get it on sale.
Smell good I love this
I love coffee and I can say that this is a delicious aroma that awakens your senses and the unique flavor. Packaging size and accessible price. If you are a coffee lover this is perfect for any time, day, when I want a cup of coffee this is my choice
1850 coffee
Very bold, great taste! Loved it! I am a real coffee drinker and I really enjoyed it!



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