4,4 5 0 28 28 Laissez s’exprimer votre côté lumineux... et votre côté mystérieux. Cette combinaison d’arômes boisés et d’épices orientales crée un parfum sublime qui durera toute la journée.
Axe Essence Daily Fragrance
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Nice Scent
I really like this Axe Product, dows not stain, leaves you smelling nice all day. This is a must have 100%
I am a female and use. It works extra good for me! I do not want to rvrr smell of Bo!
A good men’s spray
A good affordable men’s spray. Comes in lots of different scents. And if about the average price compared to other brands.
j'adore tout les produits AXE mon preferé PHOENIX sent bon
Makes my man smell great
I always grab him axe but i know the smell stays on hime for awhile. He smells great and it does not cost an arm and a leg.
AXE ESSENCE DAILY FRAGRANCE bought this for my son he loves it
Mon fils est un fidèle aux produits Axe depuis plusieurs années et c'est bien vrai que l'agence féminine adore le parfum qui laisse sur le corps.
I tried this product and I liked it a lot. It has a wonderful fragrance and great works well
I really like that it lasts along time the smell is food and that it reduces my sweaty body from over sweating by making it feel cooler
My hubby doesnt mind it from time to . it does smell great
My husband and son use this with no complaints and the bathroom always smells nice when they get out. I will continue to buy it for them.
Depending on ones taste I personally find after you spray this product and it settles that it’s quite nice. Some men are more cologn guys but I do enjoy this scent personally.
mon conjoint adore et moi aussi ! une odeur tellement parfait pour un homme
moi non mais j ai fait l essaie sur mon mari et je doit dire que je suis tomber en amour avec l odeur que son cors degagait after la douche et au toucher elle etais douce j ai dorer et je l achete tres souvent
I haven't tried this product on myself but on my teenage boys and my significant other I have. This product smells great, its strong enough to keep some of the other smells away that men create. I always have this product in my house 😊



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