4,8 5 0 263 263 Un beurre de qualité préparé tout simplement, au moyen de seulement deux ingrédients : de la crème et du sel de mer.
Beurre salé Natrel
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Best Butter Ever
I really like this better and I am considering this as Premium butter. This is a bit expensive, but it worth it, we could able to make premium Ghee out of it, and tastes great. This is my favorite butter.
natrel butter
I think it is the best butter I've had. I try a number of different ones. It is so good. I think it's the sea salt.
Du bon beurre juste bien salé. Très bon pour les toasts e5 bon cuisiner.
One of the better butters out there
The taste isn't bad, nice sweet taste and the salted kind isn't overly salty. A bit on the expensive side but goes on sale often enough to stock up on it. Would recommend it if you like american style butters as opposed to european style
Tim hortons uses it!
I really like this butter it has a nice saltyness and I can't get enough of it, I always wondered what kind of butter Tim Hortons has used on their bagels until one day I seen them putting a new brick out I was surprised to see they used the Natrel and since then I switched to Natrel and haven't thought of going back to no name brand since.
Toujours avec ce beurre
Ce beurre fait parti de notre liste d'épicerie a chaque semaine , nous adorons ce produit ! Un bon gout de sel sans etre trop prononcé un excellent ajout a nos recette quotidienne !
Superior product
The best butter I've tried (when it's on sale and affordable) It spreads better than other butters and is great in recipes.
Beurre Natrel sale
Ce beurre rivalise avec toutes les autres marques. Je dirai même qu’il est plus facile à étaler sur du pain que ses confrères. De plus,aucun problème pour l’utiliser en pâtisseries. Très bon produit.
Un ingrédient indispensable
Le beurre Natrel est gouteux et très souvent abordable. Ajouté à mes recettes, son bon goût salé vient rehausser les plats dans une parfaite simplicité. Aucune surprise ici! Il est bon, point à la ligne!
Better Butter
Love the fact that this butter uses sea salt as the salt. It is fantastic on popcorn. This is my go to butter, I prefer the taste over other brands. When I see this brand on sale I buy a few and freeze them.
Not overpriced and tastes good. I mostly use it for cooking, it does the job.
Yummy butter
This is the only butter I will buy. You can get at Costco but have bought it at local grocery stores on sale. Never disappointed. Definitely a fan.
Good product
What you expect - good product. A few cons though - first, the butter gets too hard when it's in this solid block so it is not easily spreadable on toast. Also, hard to store once it is opened.
Great for baking
Love using this butter! Especially love it since it's Canadian. It has a buttery flavor and enhances my baked goods. It even has measuring lines for convenience. Would recommend buying this to support local companies!
Good price
I get this brand whenever I go to Costco! The price point is great! Like 2.50$ And it tastes just as good as any other butter in my opinion. I would for sure recommend! Unless you can find one for a better price!


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