4,6 5 0 72 72 Attention : notre lait d'avoine rend amoureux dès la première gorgée ! Incroyablement riche et si crémeux.
Boisson à l'Avoine Enrichie Originale Non Sucrée Earth's Own wn
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Bon mais avec des ceréales
Je n’aime pas le goût de ce produit. Il goûte un peu l’eau. Je m’attendais à un goût riche comme le gruau par exemple. Je mélange donc le produit avec des céréales. Bonne façon de remplacer le lait.
My household loves it!
Recently oat milk has become very popular in my house, replacing cow’s milk in almost all situations for my partner. Oat milk has a slightly thicker, richer flavour and texture compared to cow’s milk which really enhances the flavour of foods.My partner finds that it’s best used to add it to other foods and drinks. If you’re curious about the taste of oat milk, it’s hard to describe because it’s a very neutral flavour but it has a distinct taste or feel to it compared to cow’s milk. It’s not thick like cream, but it does seem thicker than 3% milk. Unlike some milk alternatives (coconut milk for example) there’s no risk of oat milk overwhelming the flavour of what you’re eating, so it adds to the food or drink rather than changing the taste of it. The benefits to the environment are another good reason to try oat milk, as growing the oats necessary to make the same amount of milk produces MUCH less greenhouse gases, uses less land, and consumes much less water.
Très crémeux
J'adore la texture et le goût. C'est une de meilleurs lait végétale
Oat Milk
Love it! Especially these days with social distancing and trying to eat healthy and exercise it’s like a cup full of heaven! When on a zoom call with My family they were telling me how delicious it was ! Was in Whole foods and saw the oat milk was contemplating buy it no buy it when I asked about it! And when she told me how creamy it was! In my cart it went! I usually have a couple in my fridge but now see the smaller packs don’t need to refrigerated and it’s in sale at London Drugs 2/$5.00.
Le goût
je le consomme depuis quelques mois, celui aux amandes original non sucré est très bon et je dois dire que c'est un produit à la hauteur de mes espérances. mon conjoint qui était un gros fan de lait entier j'ai réussi à le convertir avec ce lait au plantes la boîte est faite de plantes tout est vraiment naturel le goût et merveilleux, dans une omelette si vous souhaitez faire des crêpes végan c'est excellent le goût est vraiment présent. Bravo joli produit.
Good Oat Milk
A good non-dairy milk alternative. Has very little flavour so nice to add to coffee/tea since it still adds that creaminess that I desire. Isn't too thick or overly flavourful like coconut milk or almond milk. Really like this product!
This is a great oat milk. Has a nice texture and flavour, goes well with coffee or cereal.
Good for all!
Great taste! Our girls really like it! We don't buy it all the time but grab it once and a while as a treat. I find it to have a sweet taste even though it's not suppose too; maybe the natural.oat flavour.
C’est mieux que je pensais
C’est intéressant pour varier du lait de vache , parfait aussi pour smoothie
A neutral palette to add to your recipes
Doing an elimination diet, I came across this product out of necessity - and I was glad I did! One of the staples of my morning routine is whipping up a cappuccino at home. This milk foamed quite well in my milk frother. It does have an oat-y flavour, but that's to be expected.
Taste great
Really liked the rich taste great with cereals and cold oats
Excellent dairy substitute
This oat milk is very versatile. I enjoy it in my coffee - where it is nice and creamy, but it's not too heavy to enjoy with cereal or oatmeal as well. It's also excellent to bake with. No weird aftertaste. It's my new go to for coffee especially.
earth's own
j'aime bien les produits Earth's Own , mais cette boisson à l'avoine non sucrée goute l'eau et sa valeur nutritive n'est pas ce à quoi je m'attendais
Light and Fresh
This is one of my favourite alternative milks. Flavour goes well with anything and can be used on it's own, in recipes or tea/coffee. Yum!
Earth's Own Oat milk
This product has a unique flavourful taste .I have used it instead of milk to make slow cooker rice pudding and it was delicious.



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