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Clorox® Bleach Penᴹᴰ
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Works well
I like using this pen to get some hard to clean stains off before throwing them in the laundry. Sometimes it ruins the colour of some clothes so you have to be careful when using on nonwhite clothes.
We like to use this on our whites. It does bleach colors so whites only. I like that you can use the pen to scrub in the product and put it directly where needed. It is a strong little pen.
Very handy
Its very easy to use. Daily use with kids at home. Removes stains very quickly
Quite handy
Easily fits in my purse. With 2 boys that love to play rough you never leave home without it. #NOSTAINSONTHEIRCLOTHS !!
No muss, no fuss cleaning
I love this product. It is great to use on grout, etc to clean with bleach without any mess. The easy to use pen applicator gets the product right where you want it. I always keep these with my cleaning supplies for quick cleaning in the bathrooms and kitchen.
I have not tried this before but it seems quite handy.
Great pen to have when you are accident prone! Never leave home without it!
I love the Clorox Bleach Pen! I take it with me everywhere including putting it in my purse to get out of those embarrassing situations when you are out and stain your clothing! Great results!
I have used these on the grout in the tiles around my tub and have found they helped but didn't get it quite as clean as I would have like on the tougher spots
This product works great! I helped great my chocolate stain out with just one application. I highly recommend this product if you are as messy as me!
I like this for all of the small stains that you really can't use liquid Clorox on for fear of touching other areas. I did find that it didn't last too long. Perhaps evaporation?
This pen is very effective at getting to small stains - no fear of accidental spills!
It does work on small stains. It was a bit messy once you have used it and recapped it.
I have used this on all kind of stains,,,even old ones and it got almost all of them out...It works great as far as I'm concerned.....
This is quite handy as it lets you control where you want the bleach to go and not just spread every where. Its works great!


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