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Clorox® Bleach Penᴹᴰ
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This is quite handy as it lets you control where you want the bleach to go and not just spread every where. Its works great!
I like it for the convenience and for the two different tips so one can pick the right tip for the job. What I don't like is that it dries out very quickly, and I had one that leaked.
tried, dont like, if you have to clean, clean. dont need a pen for this
I really like the Clorox pen, I`ve used it mostly on items like tablecloths, the precision tip lets you get stains around detailing like embroidery without hurting the pattern, and the scrubbing part is great for tougher stains or thicker fabrics. So far I have not noticed any bleach marks, but I have been careful not to use it on colours.
I`m not sure if this is different from the ones I`ve been using for years but they work great!
I really like this little pen it comes in handy when you have a stain that you have to get out I use it all the time.
Clorox Bleach Pen To The Rescue! I carry this pen in my purse everywhere!It has saved a lot of, what could have been, very embarrassing moments.
my son and daughter booth use for emergences when they are at school or work.
i have used this product on whites only -- it worked very well.
love this product, even carry one in my purse just in case
I wear a lot of white during the summer months, so this is perfect for when you wear white. It gets the stain out immediately if you run and then rinse. Beware not to use it on colours and it WILL bleach EVERYTHING!!!
this is a wonderful product would recommend especially for those white baseball caps
I bought this for a stain on a white shirt and it worked great but I have not used it on anything else.
These are the best invention yet. Never fail to get a small mark on a white/coloured stripe shirt and you can`t put bleach on the whole item. One touch up and the marks gone and your shirt is not ruined
jai déjà essayer et j`adore ce produit il n`y a pas une petite tache qui résiste!!!


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