4,3 5 0 54 54 Protection de 12 heures contre les germes. Aide a combattre la carie, prevenir la gingivite, remineraliser l'email, rafraichir l'haleine.
Colgate Total Rince-bouche antiseptique
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2nd best
We buy crest first but if this is on sale or a better price we will buy it no problem. Only the green one though! But it still works great leaves your mouth feeling super refreshed.
Love the taste of this mouthwash
Colgate Total Antiseptic Mouthwash has a great mint flavour that's very fresh. I like that there is no burning alcohol, so no irritation. I have also purchased a mini bottle for my travels.
I use it after I brush and before bed love it . Leaves your whole mouth feeling fresh
Colgate Total 12 hour is perfect for my dental hygiene. My mouth feels fresh and clean. I know my teeth are getting extra protection after using.
I didn't like this product. I love the fact that its alcohol free but for some reason I took a reaction to it every time I used it. My mouth would break out in sores.
Leave breath smelling fresh and clean. Thumbs up for this product.
I use this before bed and find my teeth feel very good as well as my breath.
This mouthwash makes my mouth feel clean and I can see that it improves my gum health. I like the Mint flavor the best!
Colgate Total is a great mouthwash. It gives my mouth a clean, fresh feeling and does not burn my mouth like a lot of other mouthwashes do.
I like that it does not have alcohol. My Dentist recommended it to add to my dental care.
excellent rince - bouche .. bonne odeur rafraîchissante et ne décape pa la bouche comme certain produit .. puisque je suis extrême sensible des gencives
You don't have the sting like with other mouthwashes. Has a great taste and works.
I like the taste & it give my mouth a healthy feel.
This product is perfect for someone who loves to use mouthwash in their dental routine but hates the strong burning sensation of regular mouthwashes. It has a very good taste! I give this product a 5 star review!
I use this before bed as an added germ buster. It has a good taste, it isn't too strong and makes me feel fresher.



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