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Correcteur Impeccable 24 heures Studio Skin Smashbox
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I’m so obsessed with this concealer, it’s near impossible to find a light olive concealer at all, and to finally find one is a dream come true. The petal-shaped applicator is perfect for application underneath the eyes. The formula is amazing, has set down without creasing and is definitely actually waterproof!
Good but pricey
As the title says good but pricey, I have tried this a few times and it works great! And has great colour range. But like most brands like this I do find it a bit over priced. But if you don’t mind paying for it I would recommend
color is good and it doesn't settle in lines too bad but it also doesn't provide much coverage
A good concealer
I have tried this concealer a few times. It works well in that it hides all imperfections but it does not blend in very well. I always feel that it is noticeable on my skin rather than just blending in.
Creamy Concealer
I love this concealer, the product itself is very creamy and moisturizing and does not dry out & crease and settle in fine lines. It keeps me covered all day! I love the color range as mt shade is hard to match & find but they nailed it! I will continue to purchase & love.
Cover up
I love all smash box products. This cover up works great. Goes on nice and stays on. Will continue to buy it
Meh just ok
Hey everyone. I bought this at my local Sephora a couple mths ago. This wasn't a hit for me. I found the concealer covered dark spots well but it creases very badly under the eyes. I know most coverups do crease but this was excessive. It was creamy& thick abit heavy on the face. It dried out in 2 mths. I rather Estee Lauder double Wear concealer or Tartes amazonian clay concealers as I find them very hydrating & full coverage. Worth the price!
Camoflauged concealer
This works so good, keeping my blemishes concealed all day without wearing away
Best Concealer
I always love smashbox stuff so I said let me try this Concealer, it's the best and it my favourite one now on the market, Everyone must try this if you want your EYEBROWS to pop👌
Smashbox concealer
The cover is good, excellent texture, variety of tones, didn’t feel bad in the skin, feels light, good odor, good durability, well absorbed.
1 word amazing
This is my favorite i love it I don't buy anything but this thanks smashbox !
Smashbox concealer review
I received this concealer in an Ipsy bag. I have dark circles under my eyes and this conceals so well, I absolutely love it.
Used up all tube
I used up the entire tube of this 24 hour concealer. it stays on all day and use it under my eyes and pimples. it helps to conceal and make eyes brighter. The shade selection is large..
Love this product Smashbox always is my go to very comparable to MAC in price point as wee
Good coverage but seemed to be flakey. Not very hydrating for undereye after a few hours felt like I needed more



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