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Crisco Batonnet d'une tasse
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À porté de main!
Les recettes de ma mère font souvent mention de cette marque. Ce produit fait partie de ma vie depuis longtemps, mais ici son emballage pratique facilite franchement son utilisation. Déjà mesuré, il devient facile et agréable de cuisiner avec ce produit!
Très bon produit
J'achète régulièrement les produits Crisco et j'adore ce format là en bâtonnets. Facile d'utilisation et facile pour les mesures. Très pratique et à avoir sous la main, et je garde ce produit au congélateur.
Très bon produit
J'adore le format de petit bâton de graisse Crisco. C'est facile pour mesurer et mettre dans une recette. On n'a pas de perte et je met toujours dans le congélateur pour utilisation future.
Easy to use
I’ve used this in both breads and pastry, and found it both easy to measure and work with. The pastry turns out very well as do the breads. I grew up with homemade lard so a perfect five is is hard to give.
Parfaite si on n'a pas besoin de beaucoup pour une recette. Il y a moins de perte pour les petites familles
Qu'elle merveille plus besoin de mesurée un bâtonnets une tasse ca me facilite la vie et c'est beaucoup plus pratique
I have used this product for years from the time I left home and married and use in my home. I am 65
No more measuring with the ruler and slicing the amount for your recipe. It is easier to eyeball as well being in a one cup form. Has same quality crisco always has as a staple for all recipes.
I love the ease and convenience of not having to measure.
I like the packaging on this, its perfect if I am making only a couple of pies, so there is no waste and I don't have old shortening sitting in my cupboard. Simple to use, great pre-measurement right on the package and a lid in case you don't use it all at once. Really like this.
This is great for baking! No measuring needed. I also like that there's a cover in case you don't need to use the full stick all at once.
J'aime bien le Crisco pour graisser le contour de mes plats à desserts. Permet de démouler plus facilement le dessert!
It might be more convenient than the regular size packs, but for the price I can deal with cutting a block in half and saving a buck or more.
I made a banana cream pie from scratch n a pistachio pudding pie from scratch pie was delicious everyone had seconds n thirds!...crust was perfectly amazing taste and texture!!!
I love having the product pre measured for me, I can keep portions in the freezer and only use part of the package. I have used Crisco for years and have found it to work the best in baking. Since we are now a family of 2 this was a huge improvment on a great product.


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