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Danone Danette®
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Délicieux excellent dessert ou collation très apprécier à la maison par tout le monde . Un bon goût de chocolat que nous adorons merci
Oh ! Les danettes de Danone super bon j'adore les produits Danone. Ils font de bons produits.
J'ai essayé et les enfants aussi et non ce produit ne nous a pas plu. Il ressemble a du pouding chocolat.
Really like this product. A good alternative to yogurt in my lunch. Delicious.
this was pretty good but it tasted a little milky to me...I do not like milk on its own so it just reminded me too much of milk with a hint of chocolate.
This is so rich & creamy I really enjoyed the taste of it.
J'ai trouvé ça moins bon que les poudings que l'on retrouve habituellement. Correct, sans plus.
So creamy and so yummy. I love the coconut aspect. Chocolate and coconut go so well together.
I tried Danette Choco-Coconut this past weekend and it was delicious. I will definitely be purchasing more when I can find it in the store, disappointed that my local store doesn't carry it yet.
Best pudding I have ever had. Creamy chocolate with a nice taste of coconut. Must try
I love the creamy texture as did my daughter. My husband did not like it at all. He found it had a strange taste
I just used a coupon, and tried this product for the first time. I found that the product was delicious and nutritious. The only downside was the portion size. I am keeping my eyes open for more coupons for this product as it was so well received that it was a draw within the family of who would get the last one.Unfortunately, I lost!
Belle petite collation ou dessert léger. Le goût de chocolat prend toutefois le dessus sur celui de la noix de coco
I love these! Around me, they don't last really long! Just sweet enough with a great taste of coconut! So good, i can easily eat all 4 in one sitting!
Coconut and chocolate? What's not to like?! It tastes like fresh pudding and comes in cups that are the perfect size for a treat.



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