4,1 5 0 83 83 Tide purclean non parfumé est le premier détergent à lessive liquide biosourcé avec le pouvoir nettoyant que vous attendez et méritez de la part de Tide, même à l’eau froide.
Détergent à lessive liquide Tide PurClean pour laveuses HE et ordinaires
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Great for children
This product works just like the regular tide without the strong scent. It’s great for children with sensitive skin. However, it doesn’t work very well on stains. I have to add oxy stain remover on heavy satin clothes.
Tide purclean
Love that it leaves no scent. Cleans clothes the same as regular tide. Better on the environment as well.
Not for heavy stains
We use this for our children's clothes as it's more gentle. It does have a strong scent in the bottle, but after it goes through the wash, the scent isn't as strong which is much appreciated. The only thing is that this isn't the best for heavy stains.
Its the only product I use on my oldest boys clothes. Without it his eczema is a nightmare. Thankyou Tide for such a great product for sensitive skin.
No scent
I could not detect soap odour. Did a good job on the stains.
Pure clean
I purchased this product during a promotional campaign. I bought it because I was looking for a detergent that I could use to wash my puppies blankets and toys. She is sensitive to scents. Tide Purlean really delivered. It did a fantastic job of cleaning and my puppy did not react at all.
I tried this thinking it was Tide and it was going to get my clothes clean but it didn't do the job. Love Tide but this is not one of them.
I had purchased this last month when I received a coupon from Costco. This laundry detergent is so gentle on my skin and I don't itch at all after putting my clothes on from using this detergent. I suffer from slight skin sensitivities from certain detergents and this one worked wonders for me. Also the smell is very light and simple. Not strong or overpowering at all. I also like that the ingredients are more "pure". Will buy again!
Tide products are great, so is this one. I will be buying this again.
Ce liquide me rappelle savon Marseille avec son odeur et la qualité de nettoyage. Il nettoie les vêtements efficacement. J'adore.
Like Tide and with this product there was no disappointment. Love the light fragrance not to overwhelming like some. Great in cold water. Got a sample at Costco and have been using it ever since on my sheets, blankets and my delicates. The only disappointment in Tide is they make a good product and they either change it or discontinue it, you just get to love it and it’s gone, so if you like it like I do nab it up because it will be gone before you know it.
This is great for sensitive skin no heavey perfume scent I wash my grandchildren clothing and blankets with this brand of tide
Excellent laundry detergent with spectacular cleaning results, a great scent and great price! Would recommend to anyone looking for a new option with optimum results!
it was an ok product. i don't have sensitive skin so, i dont know the difference with regular tide
This works great. If you want clean clothes, this is the product to use.


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