4,1 5 0 43 43 Tide purclean non parfumé est le premier détergent à lessive liquide biosourcé avec le pouvoir nettoyant que vous attendez et méritez de la part de Tide, même à l’eau froide.
Détergent à lessive liquide Tide PurClean pour laveuses HE et ordinaires
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LOVE IT ! so tired of having my clothes smell like a perfume factory! The fact that I don't get an allergic reaction to the smell of my laundry detergent has me in HEAVEN! With using TIDE purclean, I don't have to worry about my daughters eczema flaring up!
I tried this and found it didn't get the kids clothes as clean as other laundry soap. Still love my other tide products thou.
I am a regular user of Tide products and while I loved the fresh smell of this detergent I didn't find that it worked as well as regular tide. Too bad,
Omg i NEVER imagined that 1 little samlle of this Tide would EVER GET ME , YES ME to make a switch for a good current standing swap for my long time go to my ride or die my sancho my homeboy my bedty my BFF MY CHEER ON A CLOUDY DAY ALWAYS NO MATTER WHAT ELSE IS ON SALE USUAL DETERGENT. BUT IM STILL HERE, AND GAVE YET TO GO BACK TO AND I CQMT REALLY SAY IF OR WEN I WOULD GO BACK.
Love the smell and how clean my clothes look and feel
My clothes didn't look clean or smell fresh either. And very expensive compared to the other Tide products. The product was thicker than normal Tide..I prefer Tide with bleach which is very hard to find these days...I remember when my mother and grandmother...between Blue Breeze and Javex...Tide and Javex...your clothes looked sparkling
Worked well for me - senior with little dirt or stains just light laundry requirements
I usually love Tide products but this specific one did not do it's job very well. I had to run the clothes through 2 washes to get them visibly clean and they weren't that soiled. Not much of a clean smell either.
Exceptional cleaning with this detergent but less worry because it has more environmentally friendly ingredients than traditional brands.
With clothes washing, if your not talking it to do it for you then better safe than sorry, with Tide you always sure your clothes be clean won't loose color or it's firmness. A must have
i have been using tide for years and it does get the job done but with the pure clean I have noticed it dosent take all the stains out which is the main thing i look for in my laundry detergent, with 2 little ones there clothes have all types of stains and i need something more heavy duty and this is not cutting it
This detergent's honey lavender smells amazing and helped clean my clothes with no residue! I usually use cold water to wash my clothes, so it's great that this is also effective in cold water. I also really like that it's more environmentally friendly as it's made at a site that has zero manufacturing waste to landfill and uses wind power!
I get such a great wash out of Tide Purclean and once i started using it i couldn't stop. I prefer it more because of the plant base that it has!
I have very sensitive skin and Tide pureclean doesn't bother my skin at all. Plus I know I'm getting a very clean wash.
The smell of this detergent is AMAZING. It sends you on a journey to a lavender field. Best smelling detergent I’ve smelt in long time ! Cleans amazing aswell. My son has sensitive skin and I find the “ clear” detergents don’t clean but this tide product dies an amazing job getting the little ones stains out !!



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